Pittsburgh 10 Miler Training : 1 Week to Go!

Happy Halloween!!

I can't really believe it, but race week is here again!  This is going to be my last race of the year (unless I decide to do some end-of-the-year 5k or something) and I'm happy that it's my favorite local race.  The Pittsburgh 10 Miler is always so much fun, the distance is perfect for me, and the weather has always cooperated.  Here's a look at my final week of training:


 Rest day!
I had to work all weekend, including waking up at midnight on Monday morning, working for 3 hours, then heading in to work 4 hours later.  Needless to say, I barely made it through the work day and took a nap when I got home!


Yoga / 45:00
Normal lunch time yoga class.  I'm so glad that I'm in the habit of going to yoga now, and can definitely tell a difference with my flexibility and balance! 


 3 miles
Fall weather arrived for the day!  It was below freezing when I woke up, and the temperature was perfect for running.  I ran before work, and there were surprisingly a lot of other runners out!  I wish I brought a hat (mental note for the rest of the fall and winter) but otherwise this was a perfect run.


Yoga / 45:00
My other day of lunchtime yoga.  I was having a stressful day at work, so this was a great way to disconnect and relax in the middle of the day. 


 3 miles
TGIF!  My manager graciously let me have a half day (and work from home) since I had to work during the weekend, so I was happy to sleep in and get in a run later in the morning.  Unfortunately, while I was out I got a call and had to run home and work.  I felt great and wanted to run longer, but sometimes life gets in the way!


 5 miles
 I was originally planning on taking another rest day, but since my Friday run got cut short and the weather was absolutely perfect, I decide to head out for a little run. 


9 miles
Last long run before the race!  I felt pretty awful during this run to be honest.  I went early in the morning, but it was already in the 70's and humid.  Weather seems to affect me more than anything when I run, so I just let myself take the miles slowly and caught up on some podcasts.


  1. I am beyond annoyed that it's the last week of October and we are STILL not done dealing with this obnoxious heat. Tomorrow it's going to be in the 70s here - the first day of NOVEMBER! WTF! Heat is so much more annoying during fall when we shouldn't have to be running in it.

    Good luck this weekend!! Fingers crossed for perfect weather!

    1. I'm hoping the weather will cool down a bit :) I don't mind it being in the 70s as long as I'm not running! If it's not snowing yet, that's fine with me.

  2. Our weather has been all over the place. But the temps today were lovely. Not October or November like... but I'm ok with it because it is going to a rough winter! Good luck this weekend!

    1. Same..I'm trying to enjoy these beautiful days while I can!

  3. You've been working so hard lately! I know how tough it is to put in a lot if time/effort into both work and training, so kudos. Sunday is race day for us both, and I think it's going to be a great day! :)

  4. Girl, you have been smashing your training! Good luck with the race this weekend, I'm sure you'll do amazing! xo


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