Top Five Friday #72

TGIF!  This has been a busy week month at work, and I'll actually be working all weekend as well.  Even though it's a busy time, I'm loving the project and I keep telling myself these 12 hour work days won't last forever!

I have some fun things to share with you all today, so let's get to the Friday Favorites!

Beer Museum!

In case you don't know, beer is my favorite beverage.  I'm not sure if it's the German in me or what, but any time I want to relax at the end of a long day, go out with friends, or watch any sports- I love to have a nice beer to sip on.  So, I was really excited when I heard that a beer museum is being planned for Pittsburgh!  There aren't a lot of specific details out yet, but I love looking through the artist's images (like the one above) and I can not WAIT to hear more.


Even though the weather has been a little warmer this week, I'm in such a fall loving mood lately.  There are so many trees in our back yard that are turning beautiful colors, pumpkins and other decorations are all over, and most mornings and evenings are perfectly crisp.  Besides drinking lots of pumpkin beer, I'm also sipping tons of apple cider and basking in the fall wonderland!

Reed's Extra Ginger Brew

I love ginger flavored anything, especially mixing up my own Moscow Mules!  Reed's is one of my favorite flavors of ginger beer to get, because it tastes great, is easy to find, and is affordable.  I was really excited when I saw the "extra" ginger flavor, which gives even more of a kick!  I mix this with apple cider and bourbon for a little fall mule, or drink it alone for a yummy afternoon pick-me-up (note- this isn't alcoholic!)

Leslie's List on Cupcakes and Cashmere

I've been following the Cupcakes and Cashmere blog for years (in fact, I'm pretty sure that's the first blog that I ever read!).  While I've been a loyal reader, I have to admit that most of the posts didn't seem to relate to me (we don't really have the same style, she lives in LA and is a mom, plus she's a cat lady while I'm all about dogs!).  Emily recently added some new staff to her team, and I can relate so much to Leslie- a 20 something who recently moved from the East Coast.  I have a lot in common with her and love her writing style, so I was really excited to see her new weekly feature called Leslie's List.  Each week she shares recipes, books, podcasts, shows, crafts, and more!  Here is a link to her most recent one (I added her book suggestion to my Overdrive wait list!).

90s Music

Sometimes I go through weird phases of music (country, 80s rock, classical, and Latin are a few that come up pretty regularly), and this week was 90s pop!  I grew up in the 90s, so all of these songs brought up tons of good memories of elementary school and middle school.  It's so funny to watch the videos now (especially B*Witched...what the what).  Here are some of my favorites:

B*Witched - C'est la vie - the video has it all: cheesy choreography, an Irish stepping dance break, butterfly clips..what more could you ask for?

Mariah Carey - Fantasy - Anyone else immediately think of the opening of Rush Hour when you hear this song?

La Bouche - Sweet Dreams - Ahhh yesssss just fist pump the night away while you blast this!

Nsync - It's Gonna Be Me - I was always an NSync girl, and I made up so many dances to their songs with my friends growing up!

Have a great weekend!
What other great 90s songs am I missing?
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  2. Your backyard is so pretty! I don't know if we've ever tried the extra ginger beer, but I like the sound of mixing it with apple cider. Reeds has a spiced apple brew that's also pretty good if you like apple flavors with a little spice!

  3. I'm loving Leslie and Alina's additions to C&C! It's refreshing to see a new perspective. I added that book to my Goodreads account too! Last year my birthday party was 90s themed (I dressed up as Daria!) and I made a KILLER 90s playlist! Like over 7 hours worth of amazing 90s songs. I will have to share it with you soon! I still listen to it all the time, haha


  4. Your deck looks so inviting. It's a perfect place to relax and has a great view. I love how you are decorating your house and making it so personal to you.

  5. Semi Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind & All the Small Things by Blink 182 (which I THINK was 99? - but maybe 2000)always take me back. I tossed C'est La Vie on a mix cd I made a year or so ago, so I still listen to it a surprising amount.

    That Fall Mule sounds delicious. I love all things ginger. :)

    Happy Weekend.

  6. A beer museum, that's amazing! I'm hoping they would give out samples! And omg N'sync and sweet dreams! Whenever my little sister and I get together we always jam out to the 90's music we grew up listening to in middle school, love it!

  7. Ahhhh the 90's were the best! I of all people should have a list of songs for you. That's the Way Love Goes by Janet Jackson! Salt n Peppa! Whatta Man. I know every single word.

  8. That beer museum looks amazing! I heard rumors that Chicago was getting one as well but that was awhile ago and all has been silent since...

  9. That extra ginger brew sounds so good! I often find things aren't gingery enough so that sounds perfect!

    I love a good 90's music session. The zumba class I do actually has quite a few 90's songs worked into the mix and it makes it so much more fun! :P

  10. c'est la vie is totally on my running playlist, no shame in my game. love that song. i'll check out Leslie's List, thanks for sharing!


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