Weekend Update

Happy Monday everyone!  I had a really fun and busy weekend, so today I'm going to recap it with you all.  I usually share my week of workouts on Monday, but this was a mostly rest week after my half marathon.  Instead of a bunch of days that just say "REST DAY!!" I thought it would be more fun to share what I did this weekend when Dan's family was in town!

Here are some highlights:

On Friday, I went on my first run after the race.  I usually take a full week off, but I have another race coming up in a few weeks and I felt fine by Wednesday.  I just went on a nice and easy run around the neighborhood.

Dan's family got to our house just in time for dinner, and we went up to Pig Iron Public House.  I've been wanting to go here for dinner because they have a lot of local beers and source a lot of their ingredients from local businesses.  All of their burgers can be substituted for a black bean burger, so I ended up getting one with English cucumber, arugula, pickled red onion, pear, cranberry balsamic, along with a beer flight and a side of Brussels sprouts (best part of the meal).

On Saturday morning, we woke up early to take a tour of North Park, which was packed full of bikers, runners and walkers.  As you can tell, it was a gorgeous day!

Afterwards, we headed to Schenley Park for their Citiparks Game Day. There was a live band playing, food vendors, and tons of games.  My mom met up with us, and we played corn hole, Jenga, Connect Four, and more!

We headed across to the street to go to Phipps.

We checked out all of the beautiful flower arrangements, and I loved the fall scenes with pumpkins and apples.  Every time I stop back here there's a new theme (you can check out some pictures of the Winter lights display here!)

On our way back, we had to stop at Mount Washington to get the stereotypical Pittsburgh photos.

For dinner we went to Mad Mex, and I got the best tacos ever- crispy marinated tofu, cilantro, bean sprouts, sliced avocado, Pico de gallo, and vegan sour cream.  Seriously amazing!  After dinner, we headed home and ended up watching The Imitation Game.

On Sunday morning, I woke up early to go on a "long" run of 5 miles around the neighborhood.   There was a beautiful sunrise, along with lots of wild life! (I saw four turkeys, three deer, and lots of squirrels and bunnies).

We all went to the National Aviary!  Even though I've lived by it my entire life, I've only been there once during a field trip in elementary school.  It was so amazing and I'll definitely be back!  We got to feed a few different types of birds (including these Lorikeets!) and see the baby sloth up close and personal.  He's not even a year old and already famous- last week he was on the Ellen Show!

We hung out there for a while, then went to IHOP for lunch before everyone headed home.

How was your weekend?
Are you a bird lover?
What wild life lives around you?


  1. Sounds like a fun time! I have a Mad Mex near me too and I've heard great things--havent tried it yet though. I love Mexican food because its easy to make vegan and easy to enjoy gluten free

  2. Pig Iron sounds delicious. + they seem to have several ciders on draft, which is always a struggle for me to find. :) And I've also never been to the aviary, I always figured it would be kind of dumb. But, you're not the first person to mention how neat it is.

  3. Your weekend looks like so much fun!!! I loved all your photos and videos on snapchat. I'm not a huge bird lover; they're too unpredictable. Andrew loves birds though.

  4. that bat cutout photo thing is hilarious. do they have lots of bats there, can you see them up close or anything?
    that taco plate and the burger both look amazing. i love a good black bean burger.

  5. I had those same tacos at Mad Mex just last week! I love them!!! So cool that you got to play tourist in Pgh this weekend. I love showing people from out of town the city. I haven't been in the Aviary for years since my niece and nephew were younger, but we always walk the dog outside and say hi to the condors.

  6. Eek! I am the polar opposite of a bird lover as I'm weirdly TERRIFIED of birds, haha! I don't even know why but I think it's because they fly as I also don't like flying footballs/objects in general as I'm worried they'll hit me in the face hahaha.

    It looks like you had such a fun weekend!


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