Top Five Friday #81

Happy Weekend!  This is going to be a long weekend for me thanks to Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, and it's coming at a good time.  I can feel myself coming down with something, so I'm planning on getting a lot of rest this weekend!  I have some fun stuff to share today for Top Five Friday, so let's get to it.

2017 Podcasts

I'm a huge podcast addict and have been listening to them for the past few years on my runs.  There are so many new podcasts coming out this year, and I'm so excited!  I found a list of upcoming shows here, and just by the descriptions I'm ready to add these to my list.  30 for 30, the Serial spinoff, 36 Hours!?  I can't wait!!


If you're into sports, it's a really exciting time of year.  The national championship game was insane and super exciting (watch the highlights here), professional football is in playoffs (GO STEELERS), hockey and basketball are in full swing, and the first Grand Slam (Australia) is starting.  I love all of the excitement going on right now!

Scunci Hair Bands

To switch gears entirely, I wanted to share a life changing hair band that I recently got!  I always had a problem with pony tail holders slipping out of my hair and irritating me when I was running.  Nothing is worse than feeling your hair falling out and having to slow down to put it up again.  If you have this problem too, you need to get these hair bands!  They're rubbery, which makes them stay in place in your hair.  They're really comfortable too, so it doesn't yank my hair out (just be careful and take out each loop individually.)  I picked these up at Target, but you can also get them on Amazon.


I haven't shared the products that I've used up in a while, so here are some mini reviews!
Life Proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo and Dry Shampoo - I got these two products, along with a conditioner, during Nordstrom's Annual sale.  I really liked both of them, particularly the dry shampoo.  It's definitely the best that I've ever tried and made my hair look amazing!  I just wish it wasn't so expensive!

Caress Body Wash - My favorite body wash!  It has such an amazing scent that lingers all day.

Secret Outlast Deodorant - This is the best deodorant that I've ever tried.  I've repurchased it over and over again!  It lasts all day on me, even if I work out, and has the best scent.  Plus, it never burns after I shave which is a major plus.

Zest Fruitboost Scrub - I love trying out body scrubs, but was really disapointed with this one.  It's not a thick scrub at all so it didn't seem to exfoliate my skin at all.  Plus, it was a pretty small container so it didn't last long and didn't even have a good smell!

Christophe Robin Hair Mask - I got this mask in a Play! by Sephora box and really liked it.  It made my hair so soft and healthy looking.  I wasn't a fan of the scent, and it's incredibly expensive, so I won't repurchase.  I'll stick with my $5 Aussie Hair Mask!

Olly Restful Sleep Gummies - These are seriously amazing.  I don't go to sleep without taking one of these now and I have the best sleep ever!  If you suffer from night terrors, sleep walking, or insomnia I think it's worth it to give these a try.

Clump Crusher and Falsies Mascara - My two favorite drugstore mascaras.  These are both so amazing and beat out any others that I have!  

New Songs

Here are some of the new songs that I've added to my running playlist:

Polarize - Twenty One Pilots

No Lie - Sean Paul

Bad Things - Machine Gun Kelly

Shape of You - Ed Sheeran

Party Monster - The Weeknd

What are your plans this weekend?
Who else has a long weekend?  Plans?
Who do you think will win the Superbowl?  the answer we're looking for are the Steelers
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  1. Was it you who I was telling that the Ed Sheeran song basically broke the internet the day that it came out? Well, if it was, sorry that I am a broken record :D Have a great weekend, Gretch!

  2. I love the Scrunci hair ties as well but I can't figure out how I keep losing them?! Have a great weekend

  3. I have started to listen to podcasts this year and I'm loving it so far. I can't wait to listen to a podcast during a long run!

    Awesome song suggestions too! I had a few on my playlist but added 2 more based on your suggestions. I host a Tunes Tuesday link up with 2 other bloggers every week - feel free to link up anytime!

  4. My husband is obsessed with podcasts--I listen to them in the car with him a lot but for some reason, I cant get in to them when I'm on my own listening! What's your favorite one?
    I have a long weekend too! Looking forward to two birthday celebrations and a lazy monday!

  5. I am so in love with Living Proof shampoo/conditioner but the price :( :(

  6. We don't have that body wash in Canada. I remember smelling it when we were across the line and then not buying it, but now I'm kicking myself for not getting it because it smelled SO GOOD. I need to try those mascaras. I love Ed Sheeran's new song "Castle on a Hill." It's fantastic. I'll have to check out those other songs. I love your Friday posts! They're my fave.

  7. MAN - I'm really feeling jipped since we don't get Monday off. I could definitely go for another 3 day weekend.

  8. Those look like some great goodies, minus the zest. I usually take Melatonin to wind down easily. I should try that restful sleep. I like Ed Sheeran's new song Shape of you as well. The castle on the hill song is pretty good too.

  9. I love the Party Monster song!! Happy Friday!

  10. I love podcasts! What are your favorite kinds to listen to? I love political, true crime, and Survivor (yes, the reality show lol!).

  11. Those are the BEST hair ties...and they seem to last forever!


  12. I have only recently gotten into podcasts so I need to go and check out that list!

    And a big yes to the scunci hair ties! I have the biggest collection of scunci products because they're so good (and so cheap!). Their headbands are also really great!

  13. Your "empties" posts always give me new ideas! Definitely need to check out those sleeping gummies! I periodically struggle with staying asleep. So frustrating!


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