Cap City Half Training : Week One

It's officially training time! My goal race (Capital City Half Marathon in Columbus) is 10 short weeks away, and with a few trips in between I know it'll be here before I know it. Once again, I'll be following the Kara Goucher half marathon plan and training with my friend Jessie! This was a good first week for me full of lots of cross training and quality runs.  Here's how it went!


30 minutes racquetball
This entire week I tried to make it to the gym or run before work, and today Dan joined me. We started out with a game of racquetball to warm up before our main workouts, and it's also a great way to start our day!

3 mile treadmill run
I did about 15 minutes easy, then steadily picked it up. Treadmill isn't my favorite, but it was nice to get miles in before work since it was a pretty nasty day outside.


30 minutes racquetball
This was the first day that I felt like everything was clicking and I managed to take a game off of Dan! Consistency is helping I guess!

15 minute arms 
Curls, chest press, tricep fly, tricep push, ended with some planks


6.05 miles
I met up with Jessie to do our first official speed workout of training! This was a fartlek workout, which means there were no paces to hit and we just ran by effort. After a mile warmup, we ran six sets of 2 minutes hard, 1 minute easy, 1 minute hard, 2 minutes easy. Then we finished up with a mile to cool down! It ended up being a total of 18 minutes of hard work and our average was around a 7:05 pace, which I'm very happy about!


30 minute elliptical
Dan didn't want to wake up for the gym this morning, so I went solo. For my warmup and cardio I did the elliptical which felt great to stretch out my legs after speed work.

15 minute core and back
Upright row, assisted dips and chin-ups, lat pull-down, oblique twist, and crunches.


Rest Day!
I realized that it's been about two weeks since I had a day completely off, so I decided to just relax. I also had a girls night at a friends' house so I didn't feel like working out after work either!


5 miles
I had a busy day full of errands to do, so I ended up running pretty late and just wanted to get it over with. I ran without a watch and ended up having a negative split run, but was probably a little faster than I should have gone for an easy long run.


30 minute bike
The original goal was to swim, but as soon as the gym opened the pool was packed! So, instead Dan and I warmed up on the bike before doing our leg day workout.

15 minute legs
Extension, curl, adductor, abductor, press, glute push, and ended with some planks.


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