Week in Workouts - 2/3 - 2/9

Another week down, and one more week closer to official training season for me! This week was a whirlwind of weather, going from a balmy 60 degrees down to below freezing and lots of snow. Just take a look-

And now let's look at how the week of workouts went!


5 mile run
It was a gorgeous day out, so I ditched my normal spin class for a run outside with friends. It was a ton of fun and a good workout!


25 minute abs
I had dinner plans with my family after work, so I just squeezed in a quick strength workout after work. Got the job done!


5.10 mile run
Met up with my friends early for some speed work. We did a ladder workout of 1 minute, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1 at an 8:00 pace. The first few felt hard, but I settled in to the pace and had a great run and catchup with my friends!


45 minute racquetball
Dan and I woke up super early to make it to the gym before work (right when it opened at 5AM!) We played racquetball for a bit, which is an amazing workout and also a lot of fun.

15 minute arms
After we were done playing, we just did some strength to finish out our workout.


10 minute spin
Just a warmup for my strength workout!

30 minute legs
Dan and I made up our own little circuit using the machines at the gym. We ended up switching between legs and back exercises, and did leg extensions, leg curls, and leg press, as well as lat pull down, rows, and pull-ups. It was a great workout!

15 minute Stairmaster
Ended the workout with a glute burner. It felt great but my legs were SORE afterwards! I ended the night with a quick "yoga for sore legs" which helped a lot.


8 mile run
Met up with Jessie and Kelsey for our third run together of the week! Instead of meeting up with the group, we slept in and waited for it to warm up, and did a route around North Park. My legs were so sore but I managed a 7:56 last mile for LAST MILE FAST MILE!


20 minute racquetball
Little warmup before our workout! We played two quick games and I actually managed to win one.

15 minute abs
Used a few different machines to work our abs and arms- oblique twists, crunch, leg lifts, dips, pull-ups, curls, and extensions.


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