February Goals

Happy Friday everyone! I know it's been said to death by now, but January seems like it goes on FOREVER. I feel like it's been three months at least, but we're finally in February!  I'm going to be sharing how my old goals went in January, as well as sharing some new ones for the new month. Have a great month!

Dry January

This was really easy for me to complete! I felt more energetic and less bloated all month which is a good feeling, and I also like all the money I saved.  I think I'll be continuing this on into February!

30 Days of Yoga

Loved the journey this year. I hit every day without missing any, which is a first for me!

Do Something Creative

This was a great challenge for me- I did a lot of watercolor painting, worked on scrapbooks, tried new recipes, and wrote more than any other month. I also combined this with my yoga goal to do a small watercolor calendar with a different square for each day of the journey.

German Lessons

I started out pretty well with this and found a great podcast to listen to and learn, but I definitely dropped off on this as soon as the Australian Open started and daily podcasts were released.  Whoops!

Read 3 Books

Hit this goal! I'll be sharing reviews of the books I read in a few days- they were all good ones!

And now onto my goals for February!

Start a Book Club

This is something that I've always wanted to do, and this is going to be the month that I finally do it! I already have a group together and our first meeting is scheduled for February. If you have any book suggestions or ideas on a successful club please let me know!

Frugal February

As always, I'll be trying to save some money in February. A few particular goals include no shopping on Amazon or at Target, no buying lunch out or getting coffee at work, and only shopping at Aldi.

Pantry Challenge

Going along with the last goal, I also want to clear out some older items in my pantry, which will also save me money at the store! A few things that have been sitting in there include dried fruit (dates, apricots, cranberries), nuts (slivered almonds, cashews, brazil nuts), various half-eaten peanut butters, and canned foods (heart of palm...wtf..., jackfruit, soups), and grains (pasta, rice paper wrappers, split peas). It'll be fun to experiment around and try to come up with some tasty new ideas. 


  1. Great job on your January goals... I love all the creative challenges that you took on.
    I need to do a pantry challenge. Our pantry is not overflowing *yet* but we should definitely eat some of that stuff up.


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