Gonna Make You Sweat

Another week down, who knows how many to go!  This week was kind of crazy in terms of weather- one day it was beautiful with sunny blue skies, and the next it was SNOWING!? I'm starting my veggie garden this weekend, so Mother Nature better make up her mind soon!

This week I was supposed to be in France with Dan for two weeks of exploring the wine regions and going to tennis tournaments, but I'm thankful that I'm still healthy and able to make the most of being isolated. Lots of happy hours with friends, video chats with family, and getting outside a bit every day to take in the sun is helping. Here's how I was able to exercise last week!


60 min 90s Pop Fun Run with Matty Maggiacomo
 Great run on a beautiful day. I planned out a five mile route around my neighborhood and jammed out to some pop music the whole time. It was so much fun and I was loving life! When I got back home I did a post-run stretch.

30 min Yoga Flow with Anna Greenberg
This yoga flow was really fun- it was full of a lot of twists and binds which helped out my sore muscles.


20 min Power Walk with Rebecca Kennedy
Rain was in the forecast, so I snuck in a quick walk outside as soon as I woke up. Felt good to get moving and to stretch out since my body felt tight.

5 min Standing Yoga with Kristin Mcgee
Still felt a bit tight, so I decided to take a quick stretch with some yoga. This was a really great and quick practice that hit a ton of tight areas- loved it.


20 min Dance Cardio with Cody and Emma
This was SO much fun!! I did the class before work and it put me in such a good mood. I really liked these instructors ("If you mess up the moves, it's NOT that deep boo") and the moves were easy for me to get but still challenging. 

45 min Classic Rock Fun Run with Selena Samuela
If one good thing has come out of all this craziness, it's that I've had the opportunity to explore my neighborhood for running and walking routes to avoid the park. Today I ran in an area that I've never thought of going, and it ended up being a treasure trove with endless miles to explore. This run was an awesome break in the middle of the day, but I wasn't a huge fan of the playlist. When I got home, I did a 10 min foam rolling stretch, which was great!


30 min 90s Fun Walk
Started my day with a nice walk in the neighborhood to pick up coffee from one of my favorite shops (Convive) that just re-opened for contactless pickup. It was great- I put in my order in their app, then got an alert when it was ready and grabbed it off a ledge at the door. I got some beans too - can't wait to make a cup for myself.

 30 min strength circuit
I wanted to do some strength, so I pieced together an arm/shoulder, lower body, and core. It was such a good workout, and the time passed by really quickly.


10 min arm workout
I noticed that one of the Peloton instructors (Tunde) was going live on Instagram with Venus Williams (one of my favorite tennis players) for an arm workout! I had to jump on it and join them for what turned out to be a really fun and inspirational workout. I also love how Venus used wine bottles as her weights- use what you got!!

30 min Shakira Yoga Flow
What a fun yoga class today! The class was all about opening up the hips (maybe something to do with Hips Don't Lie by Shakira??). It felt SO good and had some fun moves that I've never done before.


45 min Power Walk with Rebecca Kennedy
My mom sent over this walk and I virtually joined her from my own neighborhood. It was such a great playlist, and Selma and I had a great walk. It was sunny and blue skies out, which meant a lot of people were out, so I ended up zig-zagging to quieter streets to avoid passing anyone!


60 min Marathon Race Prep with Robin Arzon
I might not be training for a marathon right now, but this workouts was still great. After a warmup, there was a ladder of marathon pace minutes- 5, 7, 9, 7, 5. My goal was to aim around 9:30 pace for those minutes, and try to pick it up for the final two. It was a great and fun workout, and I got to explore a few other neighborhoods around me. Since it was a little gray out and Easter morning, no one was out at all.


  1. Oh I just love finding new hidden gem neighborhoods to explore on the run! It's fun to discover new places and it's always nice to find new routes to break up the monotony of running the same ones day in, day out.

    That marathon workout sounds great - I will have to remember to try Peloton workouts next time I am marathon training.


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