Not a Race Week

What a weird week- this was supposed to be the week I got back from France and immediately head to Columbus for my goal half marathon (looking back, probably not the smartest plan). Instead, I was again at home, getting outside at most once a day for some fresh air. It was definitely hard to think of where I should be, but still so thankful I'm able to exercise and am healthy.  I hope you all are too!  Here's a look at my week:


Peloton Circuit
I wanted to start my week on the right foot, so I signed up for a live circuit of classes with the Peloton app. First up was a 20 minute HIIT cardio class with Andy, which definitely got my heart rate up and got me sweating! Then, I had a 10 minute core class with Emma, which flew by and really had my abs in pain. I ended with a 30 minute beginner yoga flow with Anna. This was a great way to round everything out because it helped slow my heart rate and stretch out.


30 min Hip Hop Fun Run with Jess Sims
The rainy weather broke around lunchtime, so I snuck out for an easy run. This felt so great and I ran through some apartment complexes in my area to switch things up. It was a super windy day, so the first few miles were rough running into the headwind, but then I turned around and felt like I could run for hours!


20 min Dance Cardio
Another lunch workout, and this time it was to dance. To be honest, this was not my favorite class. All of the other ones I've taken have been fantastic, and this one just kind of fell flat to me! The two instructors (Jess and Rebecca) were hilarious, but it just seemed like a bunch of random moves thrown together instead of a complete dance like the others, and I didn't feel like I got in a workout.


20 min Bodyweight with Andy Speer
It was a very exciting week in the Peloton world, because they launched live "at home" workouts! Before the whole quarantine situation started, there would be live classes streamed from the Peloton studio daily. Lately, there's only been on-demand content and "encore" classes, but they started having instructors live stream from their houses. I joined in a strength class and it was great to feel like I was working out with other people.


45 min Yoga Flow with Ross and Kristin
Morning yoga to start the day off right. This was fun because it was a "two for one" with two instructors. The class was fun but I felt super sore and stiff from strength!

30 min Earth Day Fun Run with Selena Samuela
Really fun lunch run that just got released for Earth Day! I liked the playlist and hearing about Selena's tips for being more sustainable and listening to her stories about all the amazing places she's lived (including Hawaii!). I also tried out some new running shoes that came in the mail- much needed and felt great.


60 min Marathon Race Prep with Matt Wilpers
This was supposed to be the Capital City Half Marathon, but instead I tried a new route around my neighborhood. It was super hilly, but nice to run on sidewalks. It was a gorgeous day out, and I was really enjoying this run. Afterwards, I met up with my friends I was supposed to do the race with on House Party to have a virtual post-race party together. Definitely not the same, but we made the best of the situation.


30 min Yoga Flow with Aditi Shah
Mid day yoga to stretch it out. This was another new live at home class and had lots of fun moves and transitions. Aditi is definitely my favorite instructor- if you are looking for a new yoga to try on Peloton definitely try one of hers!

10 min Arms Toning with Jenn Sherman
After yoga I did a quick arm workout. It was really challenging because each move was done for a minute, and my arms were SCREAMING!!


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