What I've Been Eating Lately

Hi there! How are you doing? Like, really doing? I hope that my posts lately have helped to be a distraction during this time, maybe even giving you ideas on fun things to read or new workouts to try. Today we're getting to the good stuff- food! 

The past few weeks I've been trying to stretch the food that I have in my house to avoid going to grocery stores. I went about 10 days ago, and I just felt like I was holding my breath the whole time- it was so stressful and scary. So- I've been trying to get creative and using up food in different ways at home! Here's a look at what I've been rotating through the past month- I hope it helps to give you some new ideas. Stay safe friends!

Frozen Egg Cups

This is a great way to get some vegetables and protein in every morning, without worrying about them spoiling! I made a big batch of these and keep them in my freezer. One of my favorite ways to heat them up is tossing them in a frying pan and making them into a scramble, then adding some salsa.

Fried Rice

I don't really have a set recipe for this, but what I've been doing is adding either produce that is on its last leg, leftovers, or frozen veggies to a hot pan to fry up (and get rid of any liquid), then adding in cold, leftover rice and whatever sauce needs used up, and drizzling in an egg. This is also good (with or without the egg) as a base for veggie burgers, beans, or any other kind of meatless protein options.

No Knead Bread

One of my all-time favorite recipes that is really easy and super delicious. Avoiding the store means not having access to fresh baked goods, and this is one that I have lots of time to master now. Luckily the recipe only uses flour, yeast, salt, and water- all of which I have on hand. Add in some seasonings to amp up the flavor and top it with whatever you have on hand (or serve with canned soup to help amplify that!)

Potato Hash

I love potatoes, and they're one of those items that lasts a long time (which makes it perfect for this period of time). I like to dice mine up small (sweet or white potatoes work fine), slightly boil in a tiny bit of water to soften, and then fry with some onions, frozen bell peppers, and salsa. For an added touch, make little wells in the hash and fry an egg (yes- eggs are being used for every meal around here) and top with any fresh ingredients you have on hand (cilantro, avocado, sour cream) and seasonings (Everything but the Elote from Trader Joe's is my new favorite). Or eat plain- either way it's amazing!


Let's be honest- I'm not getting in a ton of protein lately. It seems like carbs are my main source of fuel (which is fine- they're delicious!). To sneak some in without having to use up my egg stash, I've been making smoothies after workouts. I have a lot of different protein powders that I don't typically use (my favorite brands are Vega and Tone It Up), and just mix it with some frozen fruit and a touch of juice. Sometimes I'll even throw in a frozen beet (I got canned beets and just drained them and froze them to quickly add in some anti-inflammatory benefits!)


Some nights I don't feel like playing "Chopped" and making some elaborate dish, so I just make some basic pasta and heat up some jarred sauce. If you're looking for new ideas, Alexa just posted some easy recipes to jazz up pasta, which I will be using for inspo! (The cacio e pepe is calling my name tonight). I also tried a new dish by making stuffed shells earlier this week which was DELICIOUS.


I'm thanking past-Gretchen for buying a case of Ramen noodle packages, because those have been coming in CLUTCH lately. While ramen is always tasty on its own, it's one of those foods that can be dressed up so easily to make a full meal. I've been throwing in hearty greens, homemade stock, onions, garlic, ginger, and anything else I have on hand to make a yummy dish. And yes- you can always top it with a jammy, soft boiled egg! You can find more ideas for upgrading basic ramen here!


Let's be honest here- somedays have just been a bag of microwave popcorn, tossed with my Everything but the Elote seasoning served with a side of beer. I'm human too!

What are your current go-to meals?


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