How to Spend a Day in Page Arizona

Happy Wednesday everyone! For today's post, I'm going to continue with sharing my National Parks trip from December. After spending a few days in Zion National Park, our next stop was the Grand Canyon. We broke that drive into a stop along the way to visit the small town of Page, Arizona. There are a few must-see attractions here, and I was really excited!  Here's what we did for our overnight stay.

Antelope Canyon

One of the main reasons I wanted to make this our next stop was to visit Antelope Canyon. If you haven't heard of it, chances are you would recognize it by the pictures! This is an iconic spot, full of insanely beautiful slot canyons that seem to defy nature and gravity. It's always been a place that I've wanted to see, so I was excited to book our tour!

The canyon sits on Native American land, so it's required to go with a tour group to visit. There are a few companies to choose from, and we went with Dixie Ellis. After picking our guides, our next choice was between the upper and lower canyon- I've heard that both are amazing and you can't go wrong, but we decided on the lower canyon.

We hiked down to the entrance of the canyon with our tour group- it was snowing out which made the entire scene look really unique and beautiful. I've seen a lot of pictures of this area, but never with snow! Once we got to the entrance, we had to head down a ladder to enter the canyon, and then were taken through about a half mile inside the slot. We learned a lot about the ancient lure and stories about the different formations, which was really interesting!

I highly recommend checking out a tour if you're in the area- it was really amazing and something I think everyone should experience in person.

Horseshoe Bend

On Christmas morning, we took a trip out to Horseshoe Bend . You do have to pay to park in the lot (which, as we found out, is not covered by our National Parks Pass), and then take a short hike to the overlook. It was snowing again and pretty foggy, so when we got to the edge we couldn't really see anything at all-

Luckily we had nowhere to be for a few hours so we just hung around and hiked a bit around, and eventually the fog cleared. It was so beautiful and is one of those sites that looks just as good in person as it does in pictures. Definitely did not disappoint, and it was a good lesson in patience!

Lake Powell

The hotel that we stayed in (Hyatt Place Page) was right by Lake Powell, so we had to make a stop there. Since it was December, all of the businesses were closed and the place was pretty much deserted. We still took a quick drive down to the water and hiked a bit along the shore! Lake Powell is a huge lake that crosses borders between Utah and Arizona, and has a few interesting spots to visit like Rainbow Bridge (which is only accessible by boat or a super long permitted hike). We also got to briefly visit Glen Canyon Dam, which is what formed the lake, one of the largest man-made reservoirs in the country!

In addition to the water, there are also a lot of trails in the park and surrounding area that we explored a bit, but with more time I would have liked to do a day hike. Next time :)

And that was our quick trip to Page! Small town, but lots to see and do. It was a great way to spend our Christmas Eve/morning, and we enjoyed a little feast and local beers from the grocery store in our hotel room to celebrate. Our next stop was the Grand Canyon, which might be the best stop of all.

Have you been to Arizona before?
How did you spend your Christmas last year?


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