New Toys and Another Week

Hi everyone! Another week of quarantine down, and it looks like we're getting close to the end! My county is going to a "yellow" state next week, which means some businesses are allowed to open and small gatherings are allowed to start again. I'm still feeling apprehensive about being in public- maybe I'll always feel like that now. But for now- here are my workouts for the week, including a fun new piece of equipment that I got (my first one I've ever had!)


30 min 90s Fun Walk with Matty
Best way to start the week- early morning walk! Selma and I set out before work and jammed out to this great playlist.

Crush Your Core day 1
I decided to start a new program on Peloton, and picked Crush Your Core with Emma. There are 5-6 classes per week for 4 weeks. Today's was only 5 minutes, but it was non-stop work for that entire time!

20 min Restorative Yoga with Anna
I ended my day with some nice and relaxing yoga. There were lots of amazing stretches in this, and it felt so great.


30 min Backstreet Boys Ride with Cody
That's not a typo- I got to go on my first "ride" because I got a spin bike!! This was actually ordered back in March, but it finally got delivered. We assembled it right away and during lunch I tried out Cody's favorite class of 2019, which featured the second best boy band ;). There were a few issues with the bike, so hoping that my second ride will go a bit smoother.

Crush Your Core day 2
Another fun 5 minute class, and I got Dan to join in with me. Another good class!


4 mile run
I did a slight modification on my normal 5k route and was able to stretch it into a perfect 4 miler. This run felt great- I ran it without Peloton or music and just listened to my body which I think I needed.

Crush Your Core day 3
Right after my run I completed the third day, which was a 10 minute class. It was definitely harder than the others, but I liked how it matched the music a bit more and the moves were fun. My "trainer" kept an eye on me to make sure I wasn't slacking!

20 min Hip Hop Ride with Ally
I got to jump on an encore ride at night which was a lot of fun. I also noticed that my favorite tennis player Roger Federer was also on and gave him a high five! I really liked this class and Ally is one of my favorite instructors- she has such a great, positive style and the playlist was great.


Crush Your Core day 4
Another 10 minute class and took it easy for the rest of the day.


20 min Punk Rock Run with Chase
I ran first thing in the morning and did a 2.23 mile run in honor of Ahmaud Arbery's birthday. He should have been turning 26, but was murdered while running just because of the color of his skin. It's a disgusting and horrifying reality- no one should be treated differently for being a different race or not feel safe to be outside. 

Crush Your Core day 5
Today's workout was just a simple full body stretch, which I did right after my run.

30 min Lizzo Ride with Robin
On Peloton's Instagram page, they revealed new badges that you could earn by finding secret rides/runs/flows in the archives. The first clue led me to a Lizzo ride, which was awesome. Robin is a very intense instructor, and wasn't my favorite for spin (I like her a lot in outdoor walks/runs and strength though). The playlist kept me going though and her energy was definitely contagious (just felt a little forced to me!).


30 min AHM Celebration Flow with Aditi
It's Asian History Month, so I was really excited to see a special yoga class to celebrate. This class felt really great and relaxing, and had fantastic music all featuring Asian artists. Aditi told stories about each musician- some of which I've heard of but most were new to me. Loved this class!


30 min 2000s Fun Run with Rebecca
What a fun playlist! I went on this run with Selma, and we had a great time. The sun was shining but it wasn't too hot or cold. Perfect for an easy run.

30 min Broadway Ride with Leanne
This was Leanne's favorite class of 2019 (I'm working my way through this collection to make sure I try each instructor). I LOVED this class so much- I was singing along and worked harder than ever. By the end I was completely spent and dripping in sweat!

10 min Strength
I put together a quick 10 minute strength to do right after my spin class, with a 5 min core workout with Robin and 5 min glutes with Hannah. These were both intense but helped time fly by.


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