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Checking in on another week. I added a new challenge this week with some friends and also ventured out a bit! Overall a good week- here's how it went.


20 min Dance Cardio
The best way to start the week is with a little dance party! This is my second time doing this class (with Emma and Cody), so I knew a few moves and flew through the class. It was fantastic.

Crush your Core W2D1
This was a repeat from week 1 (I think there will be a few repeats each week and a few new classes to keep pushing ourselves!). It was a good complement to the dance cardio.

45 min Broadway Fun Run with Matty
It was a pretty chilly afternoon, so I decided to venture to the park for the first time in over a month for a run! I hit the trails and only saw one other runner. It felt SO good to be back on the trails, which is my favorite place to run. Definitely helped me clear my mind, and the playlist was also fantastic. I took this pretty easy- which is necessary when running on those hilly routes!


20 min 80s Ride with Jenn
My first Jenn Sherman ride! She was the very first cycle instructor hired and is a fan favorite, so I was excited for this. She has a really calming personality, but definitely pushed me hard. I didn't love the playlist (probably picked the wrong genre for myself) but still got the job done.

Crush your Core W2D2
Another repeat, and this was a quick 5 minute one. Yay!

10 min Arms & Shoulders with Matty
One of my training buddies invited a few people to do a challenge together, so I obviously said yes. Matty, who's one of my favorite instructors, is hosting a 21 day strength challenge filled with his past classes that target the entire body. Each class is only 10 minutes, so I know I can double it up with my Crush Your Core and get in amazing shape! 


30 min Intervals Run with Jess Sims
This was my first time taking an intervals run in the app, and it was amazing! After a warmup, there were 6 reps of running hard for 2 minutes (followed by a minute of jogging). After that, there were shorter sprints with shorter rest time, ending with a minute cool down. The workout flew by and I hit some paces I haven't seen in a while. Will definitely do these again, and will go somewhere FLAT next time! Refreshed with a yummy shandy afterwards!

10 min Core Strength with Matty
Hit my Matty workout after the run! Since it was a core day, I used this as one of my two rest days in the Crush your Core program. This one was SO HARD!!


10 min Glutes and Legs with Matty
Quick lunchtime workout- starting with Matty's challenge. The workout had one of my least favorite moves (lunges...ugh) but moved really quickly and was done with the 10 minutes super fast.

Crush your Core W2D3
This was a new workout in the program, but was basically a harder version of a week one workout! The moves were all advanced from before (straight legs instead of bent legs, holding planks longer, etc) so it was nice to see some progress.

10 min Cool Down Ride with Hannah
Ended my strength with an easy cool down to shake out my legs. Every few minutes the resistance lowered, while cadence picked up. Felt really good and it was my first class with Hannah! I'm a fan!


2 mile run
Went on a run before work with Dan and Selma! It was super humid out and my legs were tired from yesterday's workout, so this easy run was needed. Today was the day that our county officially went "yellow" (which means we're allowed to hang out in groups up to 25 and some businesses are allowed to reopen). I noticed a few walkers out with yellow shirts..not sure if it's related but it made me smile!

Crush your Core W2D4
Quick 5 minute workout, which I did right after my run. This was packed with tough moves and we didn't get any rests! It was tough for sure.

10 min Bodyweight Strength with Matty
Really liked this workout since there were no weights! It went by really quickly and got progressively harder (adding on variations to a basic move for each body section) which I really liked.


3 mile hike
Gorgeous, sunny day, so Selma and I headed to the park for a hike. We tried out a new trail in North Park and it was really nice. A bit muddy after a rain storm, but that's what hiking boots are for!

10 min Core Strength with Matty
Got home and immediately did my core workout. This wasn't as tough as the other Matty core workout this week and was really fun.

Crush your Core W2D5
Full body stretch- felt really great.


8 mile run
Went to the park for a run but kept to the hilly roads to avoid crowds. Didn't see many people but definitely got in a crazy workout! Another warm, humid day (tiny bit of rain while I ran). This was my longest quarantine run, which I'm very proud of!

10 min Stretch with Matty
Thankful that today's workout with Matty was a full body stretch- definitely needed it after my run.


  1. Great workouts!
    I took my first class with Matty yesterday. It was chest and back. A good workout! I haven't figured out my favorite instructor yet, but his class was good. I was a total fail on the dance cardio class I tried on Peloton. Who knew I was so uncoordinated?? LOL

    1. I am the same with dance cardio! Doing them over and over definitely helps, but I think some of the fun is failing and just trying your best!


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