Together We Go Far

Another week, and much of the same for me. I've been seeing other states slowly open this weekend and see posts from people running in huge groups again. I won't be doing that for a while longer- even if we get permission to run with people I don't know when I would feel comfortable being around more than 2 or 3 people at a time. Will that ever feel "normal" again?  Time will tell!

This week was a good one- it was supposed to be Homecoming weekend for Peloton, which is a big celebration of the members and learning about new/upcoming features. There were lots of awesome classes and specials, which I definitely took advantage of! The theme/hashtag for the weekend was Together We Go Far, which is a sentiment I love and can feel when I'm doing a virtual workout! Here's how my week went-


20 min run
Dan wanted to go for a run, and I can't pass that up! We did 20 minutes together with some run/walk segments. It was fun to get out and the sun was shining bright.

20 min Restorative Yoga with Aditi Shah
I took a fantastic restorative yoga class that focused on the hips. Felt so great and I was really relaxed afterwards. Lately I've been having trouble sleeping and have just felt off, so I'm trying to get in more relaxation in the evenings. This definitely helped, and I slept way better.


20 min Power Walk with Matty Maggiacomo
Took Selma for a walk in the morning with a side of drizzle! I enjoyed this walk and the oldies music that played- helped get my day started on the right foot!


30 min Broadway Bootcamp with Matty Maggiacomo
Morning bootcamp workout! This one I improvised the cardio portion since there weren't modifications sent out, and it got kind of boring. In the other class I did, there were shorter segments of treadmill broken up with strength, but this was an even split of 15 minutes of tread and 15 minutes strength. Not the most engaging class for me, but I liked the Broadway playlist and Matty's energy.

20 min 90s Pop Fun Run with Jess Sims
Went out for a lunch run because it was a gorgeous day. Since there were a lot of legs in the bootcamp, I felt really sluggish on this run. I liked the quick bursts of speed and took the rest periods very easily, so I ended up enjoying this run and the sun a lot.


45 min Power Walk with Rebecca Kennedy
Another morning walk with Selma! It's been so nice to get out and move a bit in the morning- I feel like it helps me concentrate better at work. This wasn't my favorite playlist (kind of slow and some older songs that I'm not a fan of), but I always like listening to Rebecca.


30 min 90s Yoga Flow with Aditi Shah
Mid-day "live from home" flow with my favorite instructor. This was a great class that flew by and helped me get prepared for a good run.

45 min Hip Hop Fun Run with Rebecca Kennedy
I was looking for a good 45 minute run to do, and was super excited to see a brand new one added that morning. This was a great playlist and helped push me. Great run and perfect running weather outside.

Dance Cardio Party!
Might have gone a little overboard with the workouts today, but I had to join in for this amazing live party! It was 3 dance cardio classes in a row, starting with a warmup and ending with a cooldown. It was so much fun to dance it up and was a great end to the day.


40 min Walk
I was wiped out from yesterday, so Selma and I went for a nice, slow walk together. It was a good start to the day, which I followed up with more yard work and planting some more seeds!

60 min Marathon Race Prep with Becs Gentry
I really like these longer runs in the app, because they focus more on longer sustained effort instead of quick sprints. It was a super humid, warm day (always seems to be on Pittsburgh Marathon race day, which was supposed to be today). Not going to lie- this run felt really hard and like I was trudging through sand for most of it. Getting adjusted to summer running is always tough for me, and I'm feeling that now! 

30 min 80s Pop Yoga Flow with Kristin McGee
This class was the perfect antidote to my run, and helped make me feel soft and limber again. It was really fun and was the first live class at Kristin's home that I got to join. It was a beautiful space and this was a great class.  


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