The New Normal

Another week down! Things are almost feeling back to normal(ish). Lately I've been talking to friends how from now on in our lives we'll refer to everything as before Coronavirus and after. It seems like nothing will ever go back to how it ever was- but we have to adapt to how things will be from now on! 

Here's a look at how my week went-


The Last Dance Ride with Alex
Talk about an amazing way to start off the week! This was my first Alex Toussaint ride, and I was excited to ride it after watching The Last Dance documentary on ESPN. This ride included music from the soundtrack, and the theme was riding for the 6 rings/championships like Michael Jordan. It was such a fun class but really pushed me! Alex is a favorite among professional athletes and now I get why- he is so motivating and really makes you put in 100%.

10 min Bodyweight Strength with Matty
Week two of the Top 21 challenge! To be honest, after the ride I was completely exhausted and only did this half-heartedly. I meant to re-do it later in the day but never got around to it.


30 min 90s Rock Fun Run with Selena
Early morning run in the humidity (but cool temperatures!). This playlist was hit or miss for me- some songs I loved and others weren't really doing it for me. I love Selena's classes though, because she has such an interesting background (born in Italy, lived in Hawaii and California as a surfer!).

10 min Arms and Shoulders with Matty
Made up for yesterday's lackluster class with a great one today! I really pushed myself during this one and never rested- even though the entire class was one move right after another. Definitely was a challenge but it went by super fast.

Crush your Core W3D1
Same class as last week to start- I got through it all without any breaks today! At the end, there's a full 90 seconds straight of bicycles which always KILLS me. Today I made it through and was proud of my progress.


20 min Pop Ride with Cody
Quick and light ride to start the morning. This felt great and I used it as a recovery.

10 min Core with Matty
Double duty on the core today! Lots of oblique moves in this one- Matty said it would hurt to laugh after this workout and he was definitely correct.

Crush your Core W3D2
This was the more advanced version of yesterday's workout! Feeling strong.


2 mile run
My streak of working out before work came to a halt- mostly because I was up until 4:30am working on an update for one of my features at work. I was so tired all day so I took an easy run with Selma in the evening.

10 min Full Body Strength with Matty
This was probably one of my favorites so far in the 21 day challenge- it moved along so quickly and everything felt challenging (in a good way).

Crush your Core W3D3
Another step up from yesterday- we ended up holding a plank twice for over a minute. Yikes!


30 min Billie Eilish Ride with Kendall
This was my first ride with Kendall and I LOVED it! Not only was the playlist on point, but she really got me to dig deep to push myself. I ended up going a mile further than Monday's ride, and that included doing arms in the middle of the ride. Felt great to push through!

10 min Body Weight Strength with Matty
My nemesis- lunges- were all over this workout. It was so hard and I wish there was a bigger emphasis on arms (especially since my legs were dead from the bike!)


2 hour trail run
Ran on the Rachel Carson trail for the first time! It was so gorgeous with a creek running through and fantastic trails. I can't believe I haven't been on it before! This was a super fun run with lots of stops and walks to get across the creek or scale a steep section. Loved it!

10 min Core Strength with Matty
Back to back core workouts again! This one was pretty slow paced so it didn't seem too bad.

Crush your Core W3D4
Definitely more intense than Matty's with some fun but intense moves.


20 min HIIT Run with Jess Sims
Somehow ended up sleeping in until 10:00 (I'll blame my weird work schedule and staying up late to stretch and turn my sourdough bread), so I got a really late start to my run. It was HOT with a capital H so this was a tough run!! This was broken into sections of jog - run - sprint x 5, followed by walk - jog - sprint x 5. Went by really quickly and I was BEAT at the end.

Crush your Core W3D5
My first 15 minute class, and it was a tough one! Lots of pilates moves and a great way to end week 3 of the program.

What is your "new normal"?


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