A Week of Blah

Happy Monday- and February!- everyone! I have to admit, this last week wasn't the best for me. I just felt off all week- almost like I had really bad allergies or was starting to get a cold. So, I listened to my body and took it easy and now I'm feeling much better! It's always important to take some time when you're not feeling the best, so if your body is telling you something- listen. I still managed to hit my Strava goals for the month so I'm happy, and here's a look at how the week went!


30 min Movie Buff Ride with Kendall

I've been waiting for this class so that I could cross it off my Instructor Series list, and it turned out to be my favorite so far! I've taken two other Movie Buff rides (Halloween and Christmas movies) and today's theme was Movie Musicals!! My absolute favorite genre, so I was really excited to take this. It was so much fun and I wish the class was even longer.

60 min Bike Bootcamp with Jess

This class was brutal! Jess broke the class down to 5 workouts- 3 on the bike and 2 on the floor. Each one was so hard, with lots of leg strength and ending with a shoulder burner. The hip hop playlist was great though, but I was so happy when class was over!


20 min Year of Yes Ride with Tunde

My body let me know that it needed a rest day today, so instead of going on a run in the warmer weather and doing my Tuesday night ride, I just did a super easy and slow ride after work. Felt great and then I rested the rest of the day.


30 min British Pop Run with Becs

I was still feeling a bit blah, but told myself I could make it through an easy run. This outdoor run class came out in the morning, and after originally not being too excited about it, I looked at the playlist and immediately downloaded it. So many great songs and musicians, like Ed Sheeran and Emeli Sande. I enjoyed this class a lot!

30 min Post Malone Ride with Ally

Took the latest Artist Series ride which was really fun. I really liked the songs that Ally chose (especially that she didn't pick Circles which is overplayed!). I took this super easy and just enjoyed the music.


20 min Lower Body Strength with Selena

Didn't feel like doing any cardio today, so I just stuck with a strength class. Still slowly making my way through Selena's challenge, even if it was supposed to end last week! They all kind of seem to same to me, but I'm still going to finish out the challenge just because I can never turn one down :)


30 min Walk + Run with Matt

This was such a nice class and just what I needed. I woke up with a horrible headache (I think this was the last of my "blah"ness leaving my body) and decided to skip my regular Flash 15 class.  By lunchtime I was feeling much better but still didn't want anything too intense. I loved this combination of running and walking which felt great for me! 

30 min Bootcamp with Cody

I wanted to take a class in the evening and convinced a couple of friends to join me for this! There were some technical issues but still enjoyed the playlist and Cody's personality. He always cheers me up!


45 min 80s Fun Run with Matty

I had a super busy and productive morning and was finally feeling back to 100%, so I was thinking about not running today and taking my luck tomorrow (we're supposed to get a biggish snow storm coming in), but I decided just to get my run done with so I don't have to worry about it. I'm glad that I did because later in the day the park was pretty much empty! It was cold out but actually felt great out. I liked the playlist a lot and took this pretty easy and just enjoyed the frozen lake and peaceful scenery.

30 min Club Bangers with Alex

This is the ride I was actually planning on doing in the morning to cross of my Instructor Series list, but ended up running errands when it was live. I took it to cool down from my run and really had to hold myself back! Alex is so much fun and the playlist was awesome.


45 min Cover to Cover Ride with Jenn

Checked off another Instructor Series with this one! I really like this series because I love cover versions of songs, and Jenn explained a bit about the history of each song. It was a fun ride, and I sandwiched it between a warm up and cool down ride as well.

15 min Core

Finished up my stack for the day with some core- a 5 minute core strength with Rebecca and 10 minute Pilates with Hannah. They were so hard but I had to finish out the Stack challenge for the month!


  1. I also had the feeling of fighting off a cold since Sunday the 24th! Still wondering how I picked up a virus at all when I rarely went anywhere and am diligent about mask wearing but it definitely threw me off my workout rhythm too.

    1. That's so interesting because a few other friends mentioned feeling the same way at the same time...so strange. I hope that you're feeling better now!

  2. Really enjoy your reviews of the different classes - I often choose something because of your recommendation!

    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland!


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