Sweat It Out

Well, 2021 is off to a...not great start. I'm sure we have all seen the videos and pictures from Washington, D.C. (especially the sharp contrast from the Black Lives Matter protests earlier this year at the same place). It's vile and disgusting that there are people in our country that are so full of hatred and conspiracies that they would try to take over our nation's capital. I know that people deal with events like this in different ways- for me I like to try to take action in things that I can control and block out social media and the news. I also like to work out hard to put my frustration towards something healthy instead finding myself in a black hole. So- that's what I did this week. Here's a look at my week-


45 min Bike Bootcamp : Bodyweight with Jess Sims

Another Monday Mayhem- this one was only 45:00 instead of the full hour which did NOT make it any easier. I really pushed it on the bike portions since this was my only workout today, and I think I went harder and faster than ever before! Jess always motivates me so much and these are always my favorite workout of the week. And of course, my trainer Selma made sure I wasn't slacking off!


45 min Evening Yoga Flow with Anna

These classes are great because they're all about taking it easy and stretching really well. I kind of wish my ride was before this class so I could go straight to sleep, but I was happy to take these classes live!

30 min Pop Ride with Cody

I slept really horribly the night before (it seems like lately I get 2 awful nights of sleeping 3-4 hours and then one night of sleeping 10 hours..averages out I guess?) so I almost skipped this and went straight to bed. I'm SO happy that I didn't, because this class was so much fun! It was a lot of throwback pop - Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Kesha, and Celine Dion. SO, so fun and Cody always cheers me up.

10 min Arms Toning with Cody

This class happened right after the ride so of course I had to join in. It was really tough- those 3 pound weights feel so light at the beginning but really burn when you're into the class!


10 min Focus Flow : Hips with Aditi

These focus flow classes are some of my favorite- it's a great way to strengthen and stretch particular parts of the body really quickly. I love any that focus on the lower body and this was also a great way to stretch before my run.

20 min Soul Fun Run with Rebecca

I was heading out for my run and turned around to see Selma sitting there giving me her puppy eyes..so I took her for a walk before heading out. I just considered that my warmup, and then had a great run. This playlist was AMAZING...if you start with Barry White you know you're in for a treat. 

20 min Lower Body Strength with Selena

This was the second workout that Selena shared for her three week lower body challenge, and it was super tough but I loved it. I recently got a 15 pound weight to add to my mini gym, and that made a HUGE difference.

30 min Epic Sing Along Ride with Jenn

After following along in horror with the news for most of the afternoon, I needed some way to let out some steam that didn't involve drinking an entire bottle of wine or getting into an argument on social media. This ride was perfect for that..I was yell-singing along with Jenn and pushing my legs to go faster and faster. I know this is not going to stop people from being horrible and racist..but sometimes when I feel helpless I need to get in a hard workout and sweat it out.


Miley Cyrus Core Strength with Matty

The latest Artist Series was announced and I just about flipped out- Miley has been one of my favorite artists since all the way back in her Hannah Montana days. In fact, I've dressed up as her for Halloween before! Even if she's been a bit controversial over the years, I honestly think she has one of the most amazing voices out there and is such a versatile performer. I've been waiting for this series so of course I will take every single class- starting with this one! It wasn't my favorite..core classes are always kind of boring to me and I'm always waiting for them to be done, but I just love Matty and the music pushed me through.

30 min Miley Cyrus Yoga Flow with Aditi

Yes- there is a yoga flow for this Artist Series so of course I had to take it. Balance is probably one of my favorite things to do in yoga, so I was really excited that it was the focus for today's class. Lots of tree pose and Warrior 3- so much fun for me!

30 min Jess King Experience

Took this nice and easy, and for some reason this didn't seem to have as much energy as usual. One of my friends who was also taking it thought the same, so it's a good reminder that the instructors are people too, and Jess might have been dealing with yesterday's events in her own way and not able to just be her normal peppy self, which is perfectly reasonable.


Flash 15 with Jess Sims

I'm going to try to take more of these classes because they're so quick but I get an AMAZING workout. This class live takes place right when I have a 15 minute break between meetings so it's the perfect kick start to my Friday! Today's class was a 2 minute warmup, 1 minute rest while Jess showed us the move, and then 12 minute EMOM (every minute on the minute) going between three different exercises. We had deadlifts, lunges, frog jumps, devil's press, hollow hold, and pushups. It was hard but doable and really let me push myself the entire time!

40 min Run

After I finished work for the day/week it looked nice and sunny out so I decided to head to the park for a quick run. It was pretty chilly out so the park was empty, so instead of just doing the 20 min hip hop run with Robin that I planned I also added on the Miley Cyrus run that Rebecca did yesterday. Such good playlists for both!

20 min Year of Yes Ride with Robin

I got home just as this ride was about to start, so I hopped on to cool down from the run which felt great. I need to do more of these Year of Yes classes because they're all so positive and empowering! Plus, the songs that Robin used were sooo good.


2 mile Hike

It was a chilly but sunny morning, so I decided to take Selma to the park for a little hike. The trails were practically empty except for a few bikers, and we had a really nice walk listening to podcasts.

30 min Miley Cyrus Ride with Jess King

Sad to say this is the final workout in the Miley Artist Series but it was fabulous. Great remixes on some of the songs and Jess was back to her inspirational self. I loved a line that she said during class- If you don't show up with it, the world will never have it. I loved that and made me remember that we all have something special in ourselves and it's our responsibility to share that with the world.


60 min Football Pregame Ride with Jenn

I've heard of these football rides for a while but (I'm guessing) since this season was so strange, Jenn never had any pregame rides. Now that it's playoff season they're back, so I had to join this first ride! I was expecting it to be low key like a regular pregame but it was SUPER intense. There were two "halves" of the ride and a "halftime" in the middle where Jenn talked about yesterday's games and previewed today's. Overall I thought it was really fun and really tough!

20 min Lower Body Strength with Selena

Third workout in Selena's challenge! This was definitely an easier workout- working hard for 3 minutes and then resting for a minute for four circuits. I finished this off with a lower body stretch.


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