Vacation Mode

Happy Monday to you all! I had last week off of work (and I think this was my first time ever taking time off but not actually going anywhere), so it's been a bit of a struggle waking up early and logging into work this morning. If you had a break I hope that it refreshed you and you're ready to get back to reality this morning. Raising my extra large coffee mug to you!

Here's a look at my workouts while I was on "vacation"-


30 min Best of 2020 Yoga Flow with Anna

Joined this class in the morning to cross off the final square of my Yoga Bingo board! It was a nice class with some fun songs, but nothing too crazy. Since it was in the morning, I felt so stiff..I don't think that morning yoga is for me! I like doing it later in the day and feel like I get so much more out of it.

60 min EDM Bike Boot Camp with Jess

This class was SO hard but really fun! Definitely a full body workout and I felt like we got zero rest time, except when we transitioned from the bike to the floor and back. By the end I was WIPED!

30 min Top 50 (Songs 30 - 21) with Alex

I obviously had to take this class super easy after the tough bike bootcamp. It was actually a nice cool down! Alex is one of my favorite instructors- he's always so hyped up and has one of the worst singing voices but always sings along to the songs. Makes me laugh and smile every time! This class also featured my favorite song - Mi Gente by J Balvin.


20 min Intervals Run with Becs

Cold and crisp morning, but it actually felt great to go out for a run. This was a short and sweet run with lots of punk songs.

30 min Top 50 (Songs 20 - 11) with Cody

Spoiler alert- out of all of the Top 50 rides, this was probably my favorite or at least tied with Alex. I loved all of the songs and of course Cody is always so much fun and makes time fly by.

10 min Arms Toning with Cody

To be honest I usually hate these classes- you use the small bike weights and do moves constantly in time with the music. It gets really repetitive and painful after a while! But- leave it to Cody to get me to love the class. All of the songs had "Boys" in the title (Boys by Britney Spears, Boys Boys Boys by Lady Gaga, Boys by Lizzo, and Boys by Charlie XCX). I loved this class so much and strangely wanted it to go on longer!


30 min Classical Run with Becs

This was my 100th Running class with Peloton, so I had to join with my favorite music and one of my favorite instructors. This was a beautiful class- I love running and biking to classical music. It was a gorgeous day out too- a little bit warmer so I could go with just capris and a long sleeve. Ideal temperature for running for me!

10 min Remix Yoga Flow with Denis

Last week, Elvis was the featured Artist Series, and this week a few remixes came out that are only available on Peloton. How cool is that? This class was short and really perfect, and the remixed Elvis song was "Catchin' on Fast" featuring Big Boi from Outkast. It was really fun and unexpected!

15 min New Tracks Ride with Cody

Took this class as a warmup for the ride mostly because I was bored. It wasn't my favorite class but helped move my legs after running two days in a row, which I haven't done in a while.

30 min Top 50 (Songs 10 - 1) with Kendall

To be honest, this was probably my least favorite of the Top 50 classes. I didn't love any of the songs and the top two are ones that I'm tired of! So, kind of ended the series on a meh note, but overall it was really fun to tune in to these and know that I had friends and my mom also joining in at the same time!


3 mile Walk

Dan wanted to go out for a walk, so we decided to head to Hartwood Acres and ended up going on a longer walk than usual. It was pretty nice out with just a dusting of snow and it wasn't too crowded. (Side note- one of my goals is to go on a walk every day to get in more steps this year, but I'll only include walks where I go somewhere interesting or take a longer walk. My average is just a one mile loop around my house so I won't bore you with sharing that every day!)

30 min Slow Flow with Aditi

This was such a nice class- lots of stretches and easy positions that just felt good for my active recovery day.

10 min Britney Spears Arm Toning with Cody

I wanted to get in a little arm workout after yoga, so I took this quick and fun class. Not sure how I missed this class since I loved all the other Britney workouts, but it was great!


30 min New Year's Day Recovery Ride with Sam

Gotta start off the New Year right, so I did this class when I woke up! I had nothing to recover from other than playing MarioKart and drinking wine the night before, but I did stay up late thanks to my neighbors having a fireworks show. This recovery ride was so pleasant and fun- Sam has the best energy and there were so many great songs that don't get played a lot in this class. I finished this up with a nice stretch after- something I'm going to try to do after every ride this year.


45 min Tempo Run with Robin

I slept really badly last night so I almost skipped this run, but decided to at least head out and see how I felt. Before I started, I joined in a live "Fitness Goals" Meditation and did my first pre-run warmup class. I felt more pumped up after this and ended up having a really great run! It feels like it's been forever since I trained for a race, and this class is part of the Peloton marathon training program. Pushing myself and listening to Robin motivate me made me almost want to sign up for a race, even if it's virtual. For a while lately I've been feeling like I'm over racing and have been enjoying just working out as part of a lifestyle, but maybe that'll change again this year.

20 min Glutes and Legs Strength with Selena

I got back from the run and immediately took this class. Selena shared a 3 week lower body training plan with 3 workouts a week, and this was the first one. It was only one circuit that we did three times which was nice!

5 min Core Strength with Erik

Finished off my little stack with this quick workout. It was just two moves - bicycles and plank crosses - but each time we finished we added on more reps. Erik's classes are in German so it was fun to practice my German counting!


20 min Remix Run with Matty

Short and wet run for me today- I headed out when it was drizzling and before long it was a downpour! I actually love running in the rain but this was pretty bad. Made me run a lot faster though! This playlist was really fun with another Elvis remix (Clean Up Your Own Backyard with Chromeo). There were lots of other great remixes so this was a fun run.

60 min Ride

Peloton recently added two new instructors to the German team- Mayla and Cliff. I took both of their Premiere rides back to back to get to know them and also shake out my legs from back to back running days. Even though they were speaking German, I could still feel their energy and liked their songs! Plus, there are subtitles in English :)

How was your New Year's Eve and Day?

Are you looking forward to racing again?


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