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Good morning everyone! Today is a holiday for me so I'm spending the day sleeping in, getting some projects done around the house, and dropping off some of my de-cluttered items to a thrift store. In the meantime, I'll be sharing my week of workouts as always, hope you enjoy and maybe get some inspiration to try something new this week.



30 min Flow and Let Go

I was planning on taking this class on Sunday night, but ended up being too tired (and annoyed at the Steelers game). Instead I did it during a break between meetings and it felt great! This week is super busy with 38 meeting scheduled so far so I know I'll need to take advantage of any break I have.

60 min Bike Bootcamp with Jess Sims

My last meeting of the day got finished about 2 minutes before this class started, so I had no time to prepare but it was a great class. I love my Monday Mayhem with Jess- these workouts are really hard but I think a great way to kick off the week in a positive way.


20 min Intervals Run with Jess Sims

I was so excited to see that Jess had a new Outdoor Run- I immediately take all of her classes so I downloaded this and made it outside for a quick late lunch run. Great music, great class.

45 min Ride with Cody

Lately Cody's been having Tuesday night rides, and today was a double feature with a 30 min pop ride and 15 min Latin ride. They were both fun but for some reason I felt distracted the whole time. In between the live classes I took a quick arms toning class with Erik, who is the cutest- love his classes.


20 min Glutes and Legs Strength with Selena

Week two, day one of legs challenge is done! This one wasn't my got pretty repetitive but at least wasn't too hard. (And yes- I had my wine there as motivation to finish!)

30 min Tiesto Ride with Matt

Did this ride live with a friend but I ended up giving up halfway through- for some reason I just wasn't feeling it today (two days in a row..yikes) and decided to watch The Masked Dancer instead and finished my wine :)


20 min Pop Fun Run with Robin

Made it out for a quick "runch" and it was a great break in the middle of the day! I forgot how much I love Robin's runs..she's so motivational and always knows the exact time that you need a little push. I ran SO hard on this run and it felt amazing.

30 min Country Happy Hour with Hannah

Crossed off another Instructor Series with this one. I haven't taken too many rides with Hannah but this was a fun one! The music was meh- I'm pretty hit or miss on country- but Hannah was delightful! Plus, between songs she would give a toast (with water) which I thought was a cute touch.

5 min Core Strength with Irene

Got in this quick workout and followed up with a full body stretch. 


Flash 15 with Jess

Whoohoo such a fun workout! These might be tied with Bike Boot camp for my favorite type of Peloton workouts. They're so good and quick! Today's workout consisted of dumbbell swings, squat cleans with a push press, renegade rows, and squat thrusts. Time flew by and it was awesome.

20 min Punk Rock Fun Run with Selena

Since that workout was very lower-body focused, I headed out for a run afterwards to shake out my legs. It was kind of warm out but windy- I'll take it.


2.5 mile Hike

I had some errands to run in the morning, and I convinced Dan to come with me (and promised him a coffee from Bean favorite local coffee drive thru). While we were out we stopped at Riverview Park to go on a hike with Selma! It was snowing fat, wet flakes and it was beautiful out. We did some of the walk on the road and most of it on the trails. Great start to the morning!

40 min Ride with Tunde

Today was my mom's 100th Peloton ride, and she wanted to take it as Tunde's hip hop ride. I absolutely love Tunde but for some reason don't take a lot of her live classes. This kind of reminded me why- her classes are TOUGH and she really pushes you to keep going when you want to give up. I should do more of her rides! After the hip hop ride I stayed on for her 10 min climb ride which was more hip hop music and amazing!


30 min 5k Race Prep with Matt

Made it to the park early(ish), so it wasn't busy at all. It was also snowing a bit and kind of cold, but perfect for running. This was a great playlist but I didn't follow the instruction at all (it's kind of like couch to 5k, so a lot of run/walk breaks).

30 min Sundays with Love

Finally got a chance to try Ally Love's series! Of course, this takes place on Sundays, and each week there is a different theme. Today it was "acceptance"- all about accepting things in life instead of fighting hard against it. The class was pretty good with some slower, uplifting songs so it was a nice cool down from my run.


  1. Your scenery pictures are gorgeous, especially all the deer. You are in PA as well, right?
    I don't have a Peleton, but I have started riding my Nordic Track bike again. I use to subscribe to the Ifit program with all the rides and I loved it but I was having problems with the technology so decided to not re-subscribe. I've been wanting to try some of the free apps I've been hearing about but haven't done it yet. Glad you are loving your rides! -Meranda

    1. Yes I'm in Pittsburgh! I actually don't have the Peloton bike either- I use the digital subscription but use my own stationary bike (so much cheaper this way)


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