Wilmington Highlights

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great week-mine was so much fun and very busy. I mentioned in my monthly goals post that November would be busy and full of trips, and we had our final one last week. I thought it would be fun to recap in a highlight post to share what we did and some other random fun things that happened this week. Here's what my week looked like-


Plans for the day (outside of work):
Made last week's Great British Bake Off recipe (vegan sausage rolls- yum!) and watched Dancing with the Stars semi-finals. Plus- lots of cleaning and laundry after a weekend trip.

One thing that went unexpected: Dan agreed to go on a run with me! And the fall colors right now are AWESOME.

Best part of the day: Relaxing after a busy weekend and getting back to my routine.

Best thing I ate: The sausage rolls were amazing, especially the flaky crust.


Plans for the day (outside of work):
6AM 6-mile run with Erica started my day on the right foot. Then we took our car in for some servicing and picked it up at lunchtime. After work Dan and I went to our friends' house to catch up.

One thing that went unexpected: The mechanic called our car a money pit which...isn't great.

Best part of the day: Seeing friends!

Best thing I ate: Kaile made us all pizza (which I had with some wine..great combo). It had brussels sprouts, ricotta, and balsamic drizzle- so delicious.


Plans for the day (outside of work):
Long walk at lunchtime since it was perfect outside, then to the library after work and run club. When I got home, Dan and I joined a webinar learning how to make pasta that was hosted by Chase- lots of fun and I can't wait to try it for myself soon.

One thing that went unexpected: Seeing lots of turtles out on my walk. I love when they're just all lined up on a log!

Best part of the day: Running with friends and have a ton of laughs afterwards.

What I wore: The BEST leggings, Lululemon crop top, cardigan

Best thing I ate: I made some ramen with mushrooms, garlic, ginger, peppers and miso- delicious and used up all of my produce that was left over from the week.


Plans for the day:
Last vacation (for a while) starts today! We left early for Wilmington and made a stop in Fayetteville on the way. We got some coffee, had lunch at a brewery, and went on a short hike. Once we checked into our Airbnb (which was INCREDIBLE- highly recommend if you're in the area), we walked down to the riverfront area and had dinner at a wine bar.

One thing that went unexpected: Fayetteville was such a cute and charming town and I loved walking around it.

Best part of the day: I really loved the brewery we went to- Gaston Brewing. My flight was full of flavorful beers and our waitress gave me samples of all the other beers on the menu. Plus, Selma was an angel the entire time we were there.

What I wore: Calia crops and a black bodysuit. My new favorite travel pants!

Best thing I ate: Truffle mushroom flatbread that paired perfectly with my Cab Franc wine.


Plans for the day:
Full day of exploring started with a run around Wilmington and the waterfront that ended at Cheeky Monkey Coffee. Then we headed to the beach and took a long walk along the water and had lunch at Flying Machine Brewing (highly recommend!) and a second beer at Wrightsville Beach Brewery. We relaxed for a while before walking around downtown at sunset.

One thing that went unexpected: All the dog friendly places- we can bring Selma just about everywhere here and I love it.

Best part of the day: I loved running along the riverfront with Dan. Usually when we travel I go for a run alone, so it was so fun to have him join me.

What I wore: Jeans and brewery baseball tee

Best thing I ate: Shrimp tempura and a fruited sour from Flying Machine


Plans for the day: Coffee at Happy Hippie Coffee Hut at Kure Beach, then explored a few parks around the area. Stopped at Carolina Beach and at the state park (where I learned that Venus Flytraps are highly endangered because of poachers and only grow within 70 miles of Carolina Beach!). We dropped Selma off and then went out for Thai for lunch, before wandering around Wilmington for drinks and dinner for the rest of the night.

One thing that went unexpected: A Christmas market at Kure Beach, as well as a market at End of Days Distillery, where I bought a few things.

Best part of the day: Walking along the beach. Kure was actually the first beach I ever went to so it was fun to come back and see it years later.

What I wore: Purple jeans, black sweater

Best thing I ate: I got a curry from Indochine that was delicious! All of the appetizers we got were also fantastic and the atmosphere of the restaurant was top notch.


Plans for the day: 
Checked out of our Airbnb and made the easy drive back home (have I mentioned lately how much I love living in North Carolina!?) Cleaned up a bit and did laundry before going to the grocery store and doing some cooking! We had friends over for dinner and it was my first time hosting a dinner party for a while. I made a cheese plate with fresh baked bread, a salad, and caramelized onion goat cheese pasta bake.

One thing that went unexpected: I thought it would be overwhelming having friends over after being so busy all month, but it was actually a great excuse to come home and be productive. Instead of just relaxing I got right to cleaning and laundry, and now I can have an easy week ahead of Thanksgiving!

Best part of the day: Our dinner guests brought their new puppy and he had a great time playing with Selma! She was so happy too.

What I wore: Black jeans and top with a fun necklace.

Best thing I ate: The salad was so simple to make but delicious! And I will definitely be making the dressing on repeat.


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