March 16- Weekly Goals

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was busy...lots of (much needed) spring cleaning going on.  I also made it outside as much as possible.  Even though it was a little chilly, it was still above freezing, so I'll take it!  I also went to this awesome tea place near my apartment called Dobra Tea. If you're in Pittsburgh you should definitely check it out!

This week is going to be really busy and exciting.  I'm in a musical at my old high school, and it's show week.  I'll be in dress rehearsals Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday...then the performances are Thursday through Sunday.  This week also is the start of my half marathon training!  I'm so excited to get into it and start working hard.

Let's look at what I'll be up to this week:


3 miles


Group Centergy (not sure what time dress rehearsal is, so I may have to miss this and Group Power this week!)
5 minute warmup
Run 5 min/Walk 3 min
Run 8 min/Walk 3 min
Run 5 min/Walk 5 min


Speed work- 5x400 + 1 mile warm up and cool down, 400 jog between (4.5 miles total)


Group Power + C25K:
5 min warmup
Run 10 min/Walk 3 min (2Xs)




3 miles + C25K:
5 min warmup
Run 22 min
5 min cooldown


Long run- 5 miles

Total Mileage for Week: 21.5

Side note:
This weekend, I started reading Runner's World Big Book of Marathon and Half Marathon Training.  Can't wait to learn as much as I can about training and nutrition!  I'll share some of my favorite tips as I go along and hopefully we can all learn something new!

What are you up to this week?  


  1. So what musical are you in? Looks like your training is not messing around for the first week. I plan on doing my normal training schedule. I am hitting the trails tonight at frick park so that is exciting I guess

    1. It's annie. We haven't actually rehearsed with the cast, so dress rehearsals should be interesting! Have fun at frick..I need to start exploring a bit now that it's nicer. Trails are my #1 running love but I haven't run in fricks in years and its a bit intimidating!

  2. Oh, a new training cycle - exciting stuff!! We've started Spring cleaning around here as well... it's amazing how much crud and junk accumulates over a long winter!

    1. Seriously! I just have a one bedroom apartment now..I don't even want to think about how bad it will be when we buy a house. Dan is a HUGE horder..this could be a problem!

  3. I LOVE that you're performing in a musical! What a great creative outlet! :)

    1. It's the best! I really want to join an orchestra or something so I can perform year-round, but we only have one car currently. Hopefully one day I'll be back playing regularly!

  4. Exciting that you're starting a new training plan! Good luck with your musical!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! I love starting fresh with a training plan. Possibilities seem endless (and painless!)


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