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A few weeks ago, I talked about my everyday 5-minute makeup look.  I'm so glad that a lot of you liked that post!  It was a lot of fun for me to put together, and I hope to sprinkle in a bit of beauty posts every once in a while.

Today, I'll be sharing what I add to that look if I'm going somewhere after work.  Today I'm actually going out for a fancy dinner with Dan for his birthday, so this is exactly what I'll be doing once I get home!  This is still going to stay on the neutral side, but add a few more products to look more special.  It's really easy, but some of the techniques (like the liquid liner) can take a bit of practice.  I'm no pro, but I think I've gotten much better after lots and lots practice (and makeup remover)!  Hope you enjoy :)

loreal lumi pen
I don't like to add to many extra products, but I'll touch up any areas that have worn off throughout the day.  I'll dust on a bit more of my Tarte Airbrush foundation that I used in the morning.  I'll also add some highlight with my L'Oreal Magic Lumi pen under my eyes, down the center of my nose, and above my lips (cupid's bow).  This pen has a fantastic texture, and blends in wonderfully, even over powder.  For a special touch, I'll add a bit of MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft n'Gentle on my cheekbones. 

easy winged liner tutorial
I mentioned that in the morning, I use the BareMinerals cream eyeshadow, and this serves as a perfect base for some eyeshadow.  I currently only own the Lorac Mega Pro palette (it was limited edition, but try out the Pro palette, which has rave reviews), because it has every color I would ever use!  My current favorite (and super easy) look is to add sand all over the lid, then Sienna on the outer corner and blend the two slightly.  After that, I'll add my liquid liner.  A really easy one to use is the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner.  I've tried some drugstore formulas, but this one is so much easier to use and stays on all day!  Some days I feel like adding a wing, and I've used this tutorial from EssieButton, and it's made it nearly fool-proof.  If you're having trouble with wings, give this a watch!  I also add some more volumizing mascara to add more drama to my overall look.  An old favorite is the Maybelline Falsies mascara, but I really love Benefit Bad Gal (I don't own it currently though!)

YSL rouge volupte 1 
I generally stick with neutral lips even at night.  My current favorite combination is using Rimmel's lipliner in East End Snob to line and fill in the lips, then using a NYX Butter lipgloss over top (these are fantastic..not sticky at all, beautiful colors, and smell terrific!).  On really special nights, I'll use my one and only luxury makeup product- YSL lipstick in #1 (Nude Beige).  It has such beautiful packaging and I love the color, but it's so darn expensive that I use it really sparingly!  I bought this with my first paycheck of my post-college job, and only use it on special occasions.  It's so beautiful and smells like candy!

Here's what everything looks like on my face:

I hope you liked this post! Let me know some of your favorite "fancy" makeup below! 


  1. I don't have the Lorac Mega Pro palette, but I have the regular Pro palette and the Unzipped palette. For some reason I find my Pro palette to be slightly less blendable than the Unzipped palette, but I love all of the matte shades so it is definitely still a favorite for me.

    1. I actually held out on getting the Pro and Pro2 because I was waiting to see what they would come out with next. Thank goodness I did because this has everything I would have used from both palettes! I love the Unzipped as well because of the beautiful rosy shades. I may have to pick it up if I start hitting pan on any of these shades :)


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