Thinking Out Loud #1

Happy Friday-eve everyone!  Today I'm doing something new- joining the Thinking Out Loud linkup with Amanda!

Today I'll basically be doing a picture dump from the past week, which will explain what's been going on in my life lately.

First, though, I want to talk about the Bachelorette.

If you didn't see it, the finale aired on Monday, and it was announced that there would be TWO Bachelorettes next season- Kaitlyn and Britt.  First off, I'm so excited that Kaitlyn was chosen.  She seems like one of the coolest girls who's ever been on the show, and I think she will make a fantastic lead.  Britt is on the other end of the spectrum-much more emotional and opened up a lot quicker with Chris.  Much more of the typical personality that is chosen to be lead, whil Kaitlyn is more spunky and quirky.

I think this twist will make things really exciting next season and will certainly help shake things up.  I've watched the show for a few years now, and the whole premise was getting kind of stale.  Always the same type of lead (minus Juan Pablo, of course) and same script over and over.  This will definitely change that and I think it will be great!  I'm curious to see how this will play out- will the guys pick one of the leads on the first night?  Will they get to switch?  Will we follow both women or will one get sent home after the first night?  What are your thoughts on this twist?

Moving on...

North Park pittsburgh

Dan's been doing so well with his Couch to 5K training!  We started off with week 3 (I couldn't convince him to start running when it was in the negatives outside!) and we're almost done with week 5 now.  He's been doing so amazingly and has actually been enjoying running.  I can't believe it, because he used to HATE the idea of running, and now he's begging me to go every day!

This picture was from North Park when we ran over the weekend.  It was the first warm(ish) day, and it's been all uphill from then!

Denny's skillet

Well-deserved post-run brunch!  We went to Dan's favorite restaurant (Denny's...I know...) and I got the Cali Avocado Skillet.  It was really good and filled me up!  He got the Cinnamon Pancake breakfast.

Selma is so funny with her toys.  She always has to have all of them with her at all times and goes crazy if she's missing one.  I was trying to steal her orange toy and she gave me this "What do you think YOU'RE doing" face.  She cracks me up!

This was on Monday, and I was loving the weather!  Sunshine improves my mood more than anything else, so I was thrilled! (even if I look angry/like a zombie).  I've been loving running outside with shorts and a long sleeve T-Shirt on.  It's crazy how much more free and fast I feel when I'm not wearing 10 layers!  Nice weather, please stay around for a while.

Side note-if you have Snapchat, add me!!  My name is gretchxo, or you take a picture in Snapchat of my ghost and add me that way :)

Add me!

Yesterday we took another trip to North Park to run and brought a new running partner-Selma! She loves to run and stayed right with us the whole time. Can't wait till it's nicer and we can hit the trails together!

What's on your mind today?  Feel free to share what you're thinking in the comments below and join in next week for Thinking Out Loud Thursday!


  1. I always feel so out of the loop when people start talking about The Bachelor because I can't honestly say that I've ever seen a single episode. I'm horrible when it comes to watching TV, though. And I can't even tell you how much I'm looking forward to warmer weather! It's been decently nice around here, but SO grey and gloomy. Definitely need some sunshine in my life.

    1. Same here..we had one day of sun and warm weather and now it's been cloudy/rainy and back in the 40's. What the heck! You should watch the Bachelorette next season! (at least try out one's an interesting show!)

      Thanks for stopping by and hosting the linkup!

  2. Selma is adorable. I have 2 dogs that run our household. How great you get to coach Dan in a couch to 5k. I think I would ordered the cinnamon pancake too! Good luck with your 5k training!

    1. Thanks so much! She's the best dog and I'm so lucky I found her at the shelter where I volunteer :) I'm loving coaching Dan and so happy that he's enjoying it. Hopefully he'll keep it up! Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. I used to run with my dog, and I miss it (and him) so much! He was TERRIBLE the first few times, but he was a pro until he was too old to go with me. And good gravy, how awesome is it to have increasingly nice weather? AND THE FREAKING SUN. #choirofangels
    A long long time ago, someone thought I was a girl from the Bachelor (not sure which one). I was in high school. I was not sure what to make of that ahaha

    1. I'm sorry about your dog! I recently adopted Selma after missing having a dog for a few years, and she was terrible at walking and running at first. She would bark ark and growl at everything! I worked with her a lot and now she's an angel.

      I would take that as a compliment! All the women on the bachelor are beautiful, so I would be flattered if someone said I looked like them. I wouldn't want to be compared to them personality wise because some of them are CRAZY!!

      Thanks for stopping by!! Love your blog :)


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