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Happy Tuesday friends!  Today I'm going to be joining the Tuesdays on the Run linkup to talk about some of my favorite running gear!  I don't know about you, but one of my motivators to get out and run is trying out new clothes.  Nothing gets me out of the door faster than wanting to try out a new outfit!

I'm going to be sharing my favorite stores to buy running clothes online and in-store.  I'll be talking about my favorite pieces that I bought from each, as well as some wish list items!


It might be surprising to have Lulu as one of my online picks, but this is one store that I prefer shopping online.  The employees at the store are all really great, but they always seem a bit pushy persuasive and make me end up buying way more than I need.  This is great for them, but bad for my wallet!

My suggestion is to go to the store first, figure out what sizes you are in different items and feel the different fabrics.  Then, check out what you want online or keep an eye on their "we made too much" (aka sale) section.

Wish List : Sculpt Tank and Pace Rival Crop

This is another store that I prefer to shop online.  I find that the selections are much better online than in-store, and I also find a lot more sizes available.  Just like Lulu, I also don't like feeling pressured to buy anything (even though all of the workers are always super friendly and nice).  I feel guilty when I walk away after trying on a bunch of stuff and don't buy anything!

There are always tons of sales on line as well, and you can also earn cashback when you order with Ebates (which basically means you're getting paid to shop!)

In Store

True Runner
My local running store is True Runner, and I love it.  The company is owned by Dick's Sporting Goods, so they carry a lot of the same brands, including the exclusive CALIA by Carrie Underwood line.  I love going to a specialized running store so that I can get advice and help from other runners, and also get professionally fit for shoes.  Plus, True Runner (like most running stores) hosts group runs and training groups for upcoming races! 

I get most of my cheaper workout clothes from Target!  I think it's really important to shop in-person though, because the quality and sizing of the pieces aren't very consistent to me.  I always like to actually look at the pieces in person and try them on in the store.  Everything that I've ended up buying has held up surprisingly well and are some of my favorites, but I've definitely tried on lots of duds.

I think that the athletic wear at Target has really improved recently and I've been really impressed with the new styles that they're coming up with!  They're pretty similar to Lulu, minus the high price tag (and minus some of the quality).  There are sale on their lines pretty frequently, and you can also find coupons on the Cartwheel app!

Where are some of your favorite places to shop?
Do you like to save or splurge on fitness gear?

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  1. Race expo sale racks. Some of my favorite stuff has come from there (seriously). And I only buy things on sale at Lulu. And Athleta's prism (maybe?) short is my fave!

  2. I love when Athleta has the sale on sale-- you can get such good prices and I'm always so happy with the quality of everything. You're right about Target and checking everything out in store-- I had my eye on leggings and then realized they were totally see-through... never a good thing!

  3. Those are my favorites too! I'd add the workout racks at Marshals or TJ Maxx. You have to dig, but can find some great buys!

    1. Julie I totally agree! It can be a hit or miss, but sometimes my local Ross has the best finds!

  4. I got an awesome pair of Underarmour capris at a race expo on sunday - $22! Crazy good. I also love target but miss some of the pockets you get in better name running clothes. I am dying to try athleta, but don't have a store near me to try stuff on first and am a bit anxious about just going for it online.

  5. I hate spending money on running clothes. I've always hated it. I pick up odds and ends from different places. Lately I've been loving a pair of running shorts I bought from Old Navy (I wore them for the Vancouver marathon) and a tank I got in the kids' section. I have tiny boobs so I can get away with cheaper sports bras. The only thing I really splurge on are tights, which are Lulus and North Face.

  6. I know my sizes at lululemon now so I do keep a close eye on the online sales. But I am friends with a lot of people in the stores around me (plus my ex-boyfriend still works there so he always tells me when there are sales) so it's kind of fun to go in and chat. I typically like the selection better online though, I just hate paying for shipping.

  7. I've really been liking some of Target's workout apparel lately! One think I've noticed is that not all the bottoms have a built in pocket, which makes it really difficult to wear the items while running-need a spot for my key! This may be stupid, but I really dislike Lululemon sizing, so I typically don't like to shop there. I just have a hard time seeing the bigger size and I'm also kind of in-between sizes there which makes it difficult. Just bought my first tank from Athleta and it's so light weight and breathable! I also like Zella, which is sold at Nordstroms.

  8. I am a big saver on all clothes! I agree with you on Target, their sizes are rarely ever the same!

  9. I really like target and Old Navy for workout clothing. They are both affordable and usually fit me well.

  10. I love going to Under Armour and Nike outlets and getting running clothes! I like to splurge on things every once in awhile but I feel like I enjoy shopping too much so I need the good deals in my life:) Haha

  11. i think i am in the minority, but i don't like to have a wide variety of workout clothes. i know that's weird haha. i am still using the same lorna jane tights and capris that i bought in like... 2009? 2010? i don't remember but it was definitely when i was living at home. i haven't had the best luck with target workout clothes, they are cute but don't seem to work for me. i quite like tj maxx and marshalls, though like i said, i don't have a lot. i have 2 pairs of capris, 1 pair of shorts, and 1 pair of long tights. i do have a bunch of tops, but i prefer to wear tops that aren't technically activewear. i know. i'm weird, or at least different lol

  12. I like a little bit of everything. I shop by style vs. brand. I like to swing by Old Navy and always look for that special finds at T.J. Maxx. ~Amy

  13. I love all of these brands, but I'm so with you; you definitely need to work out whether you get a better deal/service in store or online as sometimes it can mean saving hundreds! I often find the more expensive stores have better sales online than they do in store - and they usually have the sizes I need too!

  14. Awesome advice. I'm still a new runner, but am enjoying it!

  15. I have like 10 colors they are the perfect yoga attire at the perfect price!!! One day, pants will become obsolete because of workout clothes like these. Comfort, quality and style at an affordable price. Count me in!


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