Resolution and Goal Update : May

Happy June everyone! It's already time to go over my goals and how I did this month.  Can you believe it's nearly half-way through the year?  I'm going to be changing up a few of my goals after this month, so I'm excited to have some new goals coming up.  This has been an amazing year already!

Each month, I'll go through each goal area and talk about my progress on each resolution.  If there's a "+" by the resolution- that means I was successful that month!  If there's a "-", unfortunately I missed the mark.  Some of my goals are more of a year-long thing, so until I complete the entire goal (for example saving $15,000) I'll have a "-" (which is why none of my fitness goals have a "+").  I'll give you a quick update on my progress though, and hopefully there will be a "+" before the end of 2016!

Enough chatting for now, let's get to my monthly resolution update for May!

Financial Goals

+ Spending freeze until my birthday (June 28)
Only one month to go!  Sokphal and I are both holding strong with our freeze (minus a few exceptions that we agreed on) but I'm ready to start shopping again!

+ Save reward money (Discover, EbatesIbotta) for entire year
I'm loving seeing it add up!  So far, I have $80 for Discover, $15 for Ebates, and $88 for Ibotta!)

- Save $15,000 in my joint account, $6,000 alone
saved $1400 in joint account, $584 in personal account.
for the year, I have $11,519 saved in joint account (76% of the way to my goal!), and $2918 in personal (48% of the way to my goal).

+ No fast food, coffee shops, restaurants, bars
I did great with this in May!  I don't think that I broke at all (except going out with my new team members a few times)

Get a library card

Run commute at least once a week when it's warm

Fitness Goals

- Run 1200 miles
January miles : 95 miles
February miles : 122 miles
March miles : 102 miles
April miles : 60 miles
May miles : 79 miles

+ PR in two distances
15 miles : 2:13:46
Half Marathon : 1:54:34

- Run 20 races
0 races in January
1 race in February (read my recap here)
1 race in March (read my recap here)
1 virtual race in April 
0 races in May

Swim 1,000 yards without stopping
I ended my gym membership in March, so I'm going to put this goal on hold until I get a new gym membership!

- Bike 20 miles without stopping
Went biking this month!  Hoping to get out more in June.

- Try out 4 new workout classes
#1 - Group Core

Health Goals

+ Get regular check-ups

+ Clean up eating habits
I ate really clean this month!  I made sure to meal plan each week which really helps.  I had more snacks than I should, though, so I'll work on fixing that in June!

+ Take vitamins and supplements
Calcium, Vitamin D3, Omega3 Fish Oil

Personal Goals

+ Declutter 10 items each month

+ Set up cleaning schedule
See my post here!  I'll be posting a new one for our house this month!

I also added this to my Bullet Journal which has made the process much easier to stay on track.

+ Monthly cooking challenge
January Whole30

February : 4 Ingredients Gluten Free

March : Share 4 recipes on blog
Spring Rolls
Avocado Egg Salad
Brownie Batter Energy Bites
Turmeric Tea 

April : Spend less than $200 on groceries
Done!  I actually only spent $110 this month- which is WAY less than my average of $400.

May : Cook an international meal
I kind of cheated on this, but I made an Indian meal.  I used a Masala simmer sauce from Trader Joe's (which I recommend!), mixed with sauteed onion and chicken, over top of Jasmine rice, and served with cilantro and a piece of Naan.  It was delicious!

June : I want to start sharing recipes again this month!  I'll make it my goal to share four more recipes in June.

Blogging Goals

+ Improve photography
Working on it!  Here are shots from my energy bites post
and my S'mores post.  I can already see a huge difference!
I'll be working on this in June when I start sharing recipes again!

- Write an e-book
In progress! (almost done!  My goal is to send it out by the end of June)

- Get over 15,000 40,000 views in a month
January views : 12,797 
February views : 36,828
March views : 15,500
April views : 12,800 (whoops!)
May views : 21,078 (one of my best months ever!)

+ Start to earn money
January : $22
February : $31.22
March : $20
April : $26.17
May : $28.86

Start a newsletter
Subscribe here!  I took a few weeks off, but I'm back at it today!  Check it out here

Other accomplishments this month:

+ Got married!  Check out my posts on Belize here!

+ Moved into our new house!

+ Started a new job! (hear more about that on Thursday in the What's New With You linkup!)

How are you doing on resolutions?
Did you have any major achievements in May?
Any big plans for June?

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  1. Gretch- keep these posts coming! They inspire me so so much! I love reading about your thriving year.

  2. I wish I could read 25 books. I have been reading The Girl on the Train for awhile now. Pretty good. Next up is Fast Girl.

  3. Definitely an inspiring post!! You are doing great with your goals! I started a cleaning schedule a few weeks ago because I was not doing anything during the week and then spending about 5 hours cleaning on the weekend, so I've been breaking it up a little each day and so far so good!

    1. Thank you Laura! So much easier to do a little every day :)

  4. So impressed with you, each and every time! I have Life and Other Near Death Experiences in my Kindle, about to start it!

  5. you are knocking out the goals!! the no spending goal alone is pretty dang amazing!! wow!!

  6. Holy crap, I can't IMAGINE spending less than $200 on groceries! I know we have way more people that you but dayamn. I am IMPRESSED. Also, what kind of fish oil supplements do you use? I'm forever trying to find some that don't give me fishy burps. BLECH.

    1. Thanks Suzy! I just get the Walmart brand..they specifically say no fishy burp!

  7. LOVE reading these recaps. So inspiring and proof that you can make a plan and follow through :) Huge congrats on your blog wins!

  8. Just posted my goals // resolutions recap as well. I'm excited to see how your cleaning schedule is adapted for the new house.

    Honestly, this summer is already so booked up, I feel like I don't have time to really start on any big goals. But, I am going to focus on my health, my workouts, my eating, my me-time, to make sure I stay healthy (& happy) through the chaos.

    1. Those are all great goals to focus on. Good luck :)

  9. Look at you go! Nice job there, you're killing it at this whole life thing :-)

    I like reading about your blogging goals. I really feel like I should do something to amp up my blog and get it "on the map" but it's hard to know where to begin.

    When do you start marathon training?

  10. I love these recaps to see how you're doing on your goals - and I bet they help keep you accountable!

  11. Would love to hear about your grocery shopping budget. I'm working on cutting down my grocery bill each month, and $110 is impressive!!

  12. Thanks for sharing and good luck in June! I made a yearly goal list rather than a monthly goal list and am staying on track pretty well so far! I bought a new laptop this weekend, which was one of my goals for the year and kept up with my fitness goals as well (yoga 2x a month and trail run 1x a month).

    1. Thanks Katie! I used to do annual goals too but breaking it down monthly works better for me. Great job keeping up with yours! That's awesome :)

  13. Wow, so many accomplishments, congratulations on your wedding and home! You've done a great job, especially with the savings and book reading. I need to work on that!

  14. What an exciting month for you! Like always, I love these posts:)

  15. Whoo! Such an exciting month for you! :) Now you are motivating me to use Ibotta more!

  16. You've accomplished so much already in the first half of the year! Congrats again on the new home, wedding, and new job!

  17. You are going so well with your goals and we're only jussstttt halfway through the year!

    Way to go on those page views, girl! One day you'll sit back and see those monthly figures in a day! ;) xo

  18. I absolutely LOVE the way you have your goals set up (I'm pretty sure I said that last month, too!). I'd love to try something like that for myself next year.

    I've also started hosting a monthly goals link up. It just went live on Monday (and I decided on a whim) and I'd love for you to link up this month and next :)


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