Gettysburg Marathon Training : Injury Week

Hi everyone!  Today's weekly update is going to be a bit different because there wasn't much running happening.  In case you missed it, I've been having pain in my shoulder for about a week, and at my annual check-up my doctor told me that I had a rotator cuff injury and I had to stop running before it got worse.

I went on one run early in the week (before my appointment) just to see how my arm was feeling, and stopped after the pain got too bad.  After that, I stopped running for the rest of the week and started doing some physical therapy that my doctor gave me.  There are a lot of stretches and strengthening exercises that seem to be helping!  I also got a sling to help isolate my arm in a comfortable position, and have been taking some acetaminophen for pain and to cut back on the swelling.

We had a big snow storm on Friday, so I wasn't too sad to stay in :)

I'm not going to lie and say I'm not disappointed that I had to miss the Rock n' Roll half marathon and a week of training.  I had a pity party for myself after my doctor told me the news and I knew I had to stop training.  I put in so much time and energy and effort in my training!  I felt like I was finally hitting my stride (pun intended) and was really going to crush my goals.  Then to find out I have a stupid arm injury and have no idea how it was really frustrating.

I vented to a few people who understood my frustration then told me they still believe in me.  Sometimes you just have to let yourself feel down for a bit, then get over it.  I knew that if I was just angry about my arm it wouldn't help at all (and would probably make me miserable to be around which isn't fair to Dan), so I tried to look on the bright side a bit.  I still have 6 weeks of training to go, I got to relax all weekend and save money since I wasn't traveling, and got to catch up on all of my favorite shows.  Plus, the worst thing that will happen is missing the marathon, or being able to run it but feeling under-trained.

Selma trying to make me feel better, by standing on my neck x_x

In the grand scheme of things, this is an annoying set-back for me, but it's not that big of a deal.  I feel lucky to live without any kind of pain or illness 99% of my life, and even with this I can still do pretty much everything as usual.  I know I'll get better and be able to train again, and if I don't hit my goal in this race I know there will always be another race out there.  Basically- it's not the end of the world :)

To recap- this week I ran 2 miles, watched way too much TV, and did a bunch of shoulder physical therapy.  I'll be fine, but I'm a little disappointed this happened.  I also have a great support system (including all of you..thank you so much for your texts and sweet messages).  Hopefully I'll have better news to report next week!

Who raced this weekend?  How did it go?
Weirdest injury you've had?
What's your favorite show to binge watch?  I just watched No Tomorrow on good


  1. Did I miss what happened to your shoulder? I know you said rotator cuff injury last post, but any idea how it happened?

  2. How long do you think until you start feeling better? I'm sorry you had to miss the race :(

  3. I had a weird calf pain after my last marathon in 2015. It started maybe a month or so after? About 6 miles into an 8 mile run, I hobbled my way back to the car, but I couldn't run for probably a month+? Walking? No pain. Running? Instant pain in my left calf. Still not a clue what it was because I refused to go to the Dr. But I've made sure to stretch & roll my calves ever since. I still get a niggle there sometimes.

    Hope this week is better!

  4. Sending you (and Selma) lots of (((hugs)))!

  5. Awe, this blows. I'm so sorry. DANG I hope this heals quick and you can get back out there! Do squats and lunges or something. Can you ride a stationary bike? Or is that too much pressure on your shoulder if you're leaning forward?

  6. I'm sending thoughts of support, strength, and pride to you! LOVE that you are listening to your doctor and backing off. This will help fuel future marathons.

  7. I'm so glad you're feeling more positive. You're right that it's not the end of the world, and there will be other races. That said, you do have a long time until race day, so I'm still optimistic that you'll be able to have a god race at Gettysburg!

  8. You are so right - it's not the only race in the world! Resting now only means that you'll be better off later <3

    The weirdest injury I've had.. hmm.. not so much weird as frustrating but last year I was told I needed orthotics to correct my feet because that was definitely going to cause injuries - only to have the orthotics cause a whole list of injuries (and constant ITB) issues that were an absolute nightmare! Needless to say, that was $300 that went straight in the garbage :P

  9. you poor thing :( i'm so sorry about your injury. i hope it heals quick smart and you're back to training soon. 6 weeks is a good stretch of time. sorry you had to miss your race. i am insanely lucky and never really had an injury like that. i get weird nagging pains every now and again, but nothing requiring more than a day or two off. the weirdest injury i've had (that made me stop running) was a toothache believe it or not. i was like i'll be fine! LOL barely made it a few steps before stopping. ouch.


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