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Oh man, am I happy that it's FRIDAY.  This has been a week.  It seemed like every day was filled with minor annoyances that wouldn't normally bother me (broken down bus, broken elevator which meant I had to run up 27 flights of stairs to make it to a meeting, week long training, stuck in tech support for 2 hours for an Macbook upgrade, etc etc) but when it happened one after another it started to get to me!  Luckily, I had a lot of social time on my calendar and opted for an amazing pie (which I'll talk about below) for dinner on a particularly bad day, so all is right in the world.

This weekend is Dan's birthday and we have lots of fun plans!  I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with him and hoping to spend lots of time outside in the warm weather.  I hope you all have great weeks as well!

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Song : Blaze Up The Fire

This is not a new song, and it's one that I've been listening to for a few training cycles now.  It's probably my favorite running song, because it has a fantastic beat that steadily gets faster as the song goes on, and it has a great reggae feel.  It's a song I love to blast and just tear up the road!

Podcast : The Runner's World Show

I've been a subscriber to the Runner's World magazine pretty much since I graduated college (before that I would always read them when my dad would get them in the mail) but just recently started listening to the podcast.  I have no idea why I waited so long because it's probably my favorite one!  I especially like the newer episodes because it follows the editor in chief on his journey to finally BQ, using the same trainers and doctors that are working with athletes trying to break 2 hours in the marathon.  The most recent episode really got to me, because David is dealing with injuries of his own while training for a spring marathon.  The advice and words of wisdom that he gets really helped me as well, and after listening to the episode I had the best run in at least 3 weeks.  

Product / Food : Mudd Pie

As I mentioned above, I was having a really awful day and decided to have one of those "I'm an adult and can do what I want" meals.  I checked at Trader Joe's for the most delicious sounding thing I could find, which turned out to be this Mudd Pie!  The description was full of all of my favorite flavors- "In our version of this Southern classic, we take a chocolate cookie-crumb crust, line it with ooey-gooey fudge, fill it with fudge-swirled coffee ice cream, and top it with a chocolate drizzle and a circle of fudge rosettes."  Amazing, right?  It tasted amazing, but since it has ice cream and I haven't been having dairy, it did make me feel a little sick.  Other than that- worth it.

Show : None!

This is going to be a boring answer today, because I've seriously watched 0 TV this week.  Since I've been in training for work all week, I've had to catch up on my regular work in the evenings, and I'm getting back into running.  Throw in some events with friends and I haven't had time to watch any new shows!  I'm really looking forward to catching the season premier of Dancing With the Stars, so I'll be watching that this weekend.

Random : Love Actually Reunion

How many of you love this movie?  It's part of my annual holiday video watching, and I love watching it any time I need a little pick-me-up.  I was pretty excited to hear that the cast is filming a reunion special for NBC and can't wait to see where everyone ended up!  It will definitely be a bit sad since one of my main actors in the movie (Alan Rickman) won't be in it, but the trailer gave me all the feels.  Can't wait to watch it!

Anyone else having an off week?
What do you do during a bad day?
Who is watching DWTS?  Thoughts?


  1. Got an extra slice of that pie that I can share? I'll be right over! Here's to us both getting back on track this week!

    1. YES! It's all yours :) I think you need it more than I do <3

  2. I hope you counted those 27 flights of stairs as part of your training for the day..haha! Happy birthday Dan!

  3. Oh that mud pie would be just calling my name in the freezer!

  4. I am also so happy that it's Friday!

    That pie looks absolutely divine! :)

  5. That pie. OMG. Was it full sized or like a mini one you could eat all by yourself. Honestly, I eat dairy regularly and I probably would feel sick after that too. But worth it. I had ice cream for dinner on Tuesday to flex my I'm an adult muscles.

    So excited the weather is going to play nice this weekend!

    1. It was full sized but I did NOT eat the whole thing (yet...;) )

  6. Ahhhh! What a frustrating week! I hate it when little things like that go wrong because they all add up and I always feel guilty for complaining but UGH! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I'm so excited for the Love Actually reunion! It will be sad not to have Alan Rickman though. Sorry for all the annoyances this week. That would get to me!


  8. 27 flights of stairs? How many floors was that? OmG!! Well, that's amazing hill training, right? you are amazing for doing that!

    I love Love Actually, but it is very sad that Alan Rickman is not there, he is my favorite!

    Whenever I'm having a bad day, I blast my music and get junk food. It doesn't always help.

  9. Oh, I didn't know that Runner's World has a podcast... I've been subscribing to the magazine too. I should give that a go!

  10. did you watch the love actually 'sequel'? i did and totally bawled my eyes out. love the movie, love the little sequel thingy. so many emotions. that pie looks amazing. KC and I will grab something similar every 6 months or so and demolish the entire thing.... and then I can't move for like 24 hours because it makes me feel so sick.


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