Tasty Tuesday : Battle de Veggie Burgers

Hi everyone!  On today's Tasty Tuesday post, I'm going to be sharing a review of a few different kinds of veggie burgers.  While I don't eat these all the time, they're a fun and easy meal to eat on a vegan or vegetarian diet.  Or, if you're an omnivore and want to sneak in some extra veggies, these are a great and fun way to do that!

There are so many brands out there at a variety of price points, so I wanted to break down a few that I've tried out.  I have a bunch more that I want to review, so I'm thinking there will be a part two on this topic!  I didn't want to overwhelm everyone with this post :)  I'm also thinking it would be fun to review some Pinterest veggie burger recipes as well as restaurant versions.  What do you think?

Let's get started on the reviews!

#1- Season's Choice Veggie Burger

Quick facts:
5g protein, 3g sugar, 290 mg sodium
Ingredients - carrots, peas, whole oats, zucchini, edamame, corn, string beans, spinach, corn meal, onions, potato starch, soy protein flour, tamari, chickpeas, dried onion, salt, canola oil, red peppers, broccoli, garlic, parsley
Found at - Aldi's

Taste - 4/10.  Tastes very "green"...like a green juice that you know is healthy so you drink it, but don't really enjoy it.  This is the only one Dan wouldn't finish and told me to never repurchase.
Texture - 3/10.  It had big chunks throughout, which got a bit hard in the oven.  It was nice to see that the burger was actually made with veggies, but I prefer mine blended better.
Would I repurchase? - No.  Even though it's cheap, it didn't taste very good at all!

#2- Beyond Meat The Beyond Burger

Quick facts:
20g protein, 0g sugar, 450 mg sodium
Ingredients - pea protein isolate, expellar pressed canola oil, refined coconut oil, water, yeast extract, maltodextrin, natural flavors, gum arabic, sunflower oil, salt, succinic acid, acetic acid, non-GMO modified food starch, bamboo, methylcellulose, potato, beet juice, ascorbic acid, annatto extract, citrus fruit extract, vegetable glycerin
Found at - Whole Foods

Taste - 10/10.  Tastes just like a burger.  It had a crumbly, meaty taste that reminds me of a real beef burger.
Texture - 8/10.  It didn't have any chunks in it and had the same texture as ground beef.  It even smelled like beef somehow!
Would I repurchase? - Occasionally.  It's more of a splurge, and the ingredients aren't natural.  But, I think it would be great after a long run since it's so high in protein.  If I ever craved a real burger, I would reach for this.  I also love the company's mission of changing the world and making good-tasting meat substitutes.  The owner of the company was just featured on How I Built This if you're interested in learning more!

#3- Trader Joe's Thai Sweet Chili Veggie Burger

Quick facts:
8g protein, 5g sugar, 270mg sodium
Ingredients - Cooked brown rice, carrots, cooked black rice, soy protein, expeller pressed canola oil, potato flakes, onion, water chestnuts, broccoli, red peppers, wheat gluten, sweet chili sauce, shiitake mushroom, soybeans, sugar, ginger, scallions, sesame oil, salt, arrowroot
Found at - Trader Joe's

Taste - 10/10.  Doesn't taste like a meat burger, but is really interesting.  Sweet taste with a lot of other interesting seasonings and vegetables.
Texture - 7/10.  Kind of spongey and doughy.  I wish it could get more crispy.  Also has some chunks in it from the vegetables, but it isn't off-putting.
Would I repurchase? - Yes!  I have before and will keep buying these.  Can't beat the taste or price.  I also like to add this burger, chopped up, into a salad or mixed into pasta for a quick meal!  Plus, I love that the ingredient list is mostly all whole, healthy foods instead of a bunch of chemicals.

#4- Trader Joe's Vegetable Masala Burger

Quick facts:
2g protein, 1g sugar, 390mg sodium
Ingredients - Potatoes, canola oil, carrots, green beans, bread crumbs, bell peppers, onions, corn, water, salt, sugar, spices, ginger, cellulose gum, green pepper, citric acid, turmeric, mustard seeds
Purchased at - Trader Joe's

Taste - 8/10.  This is really similar to the other TJ's burger, but has more Indian spices and ingredients.  I prefer the Thai one over this, but Dan prefers this one!  It also packs some punch with all of the spices, so if you don't like spicy foods I would stay away.
Texture - 8/10.  Same as the other, with a few more big chunks of vegetables.  It isn't quite as spongey though, so I gave it an extra point.  I think this is mostly because the base seems to be pieces of potatoes, which doesn't sound that great but actually makes a wonderful patty base!
Would I repurchase? - Yes!  For the same reasons as the other...it's cheap and makes for a simple and really quick meal.  I like to keep a box of these in my fridge at all times just in case I don't have to cook a real dinner.

What are your favorite veggie burgers?
Are there any kinds you want me to try out next?
What is your favorite recipe for veggie burgers?


  1. See, I'm weird because when I was a vegetarian, I hated veggie burgers that would resemble meat burgers! I liked the grainy, rice and mushroom and cheese based patties. I'd probably like that first one that tastes like a green smoothie. We have ZERO selection up here for veggie burgers. I'm serious when I say we have only one option in our main grocery stores. I'd have to drive into Vancouver to find an actual decent selection.

  2. The only veggie burger I've tried and kind of liked is by Morningstar, the indian spice version. It was super spicy though and I would eat it, but it wasn't something I really looked forward to if that makes sense? I'm really intrigued by the beyond meat one now though.

  3. You definitely saved me from trying the Aldi veggie burgers. The ingredients had me intrigued, since I believe that veggie burgers should CONTAIN veggies.

    I would love to see you test some Pinterest recipes. I'd be most interested in what holds up well on the grill. My main draw to veggie burgers is something that doesn't take crazy long to cook, and gets me more veggies in my diet!

  4. Yum! I love a good beyond beef burger if I'm ever missing that "big old burger" craving. They are really good grilled! I really like the "Sol" brand spicy black bean burgers!

  5. This is my favorite non meat burger: http://peasandcrayons.com/2016/05/spicy-chickpea-veggie-burgers-jalapeno-zucchini-recipe.html
    It's more of a bean burger than a veggie burger but it does have some veggies in it! It uses egg as a binder but if you know of a good vegan egg substitute I would highly recommend this burger!

  6. Some of my favorite veggie burgers are Amy's brand. They tend to get a little crisper on the outside, I think.

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  8. I've never found a store bought veggie burger that I liked - but I loveeee making homemade versions!

  9. Even though I'm a meat-eater I still really enjoy a veggie burger from time to time. The best ones I've had are our local grocery store's store brand and Amy's brand. My absolute favourite veggie burger though is from A&W! It's SO delicious.

  10. sucks about the aldi one! i used to eat the dr praeger's veggie burgers at trader joes. i really liked the small ingredient list. they tasted okay, from what i remember, but i haven't bought them in like 4 years lol. i make my own black bean burgers, the recipe is from budget bytes. they are so good. not exactly like a real burger, they crumble easily but are so tasty.


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