Top Five Friday : Over It

I hate to start out another Friday post with negativity, but this has been another awful week.  I've decided that I'm over March and ready to move on to April.  New months always feel like a fresh start for me, and April means that it's also a new quarter.  It's also my marathon race month!  So, I'm ready for today to be over because it will be the weekend and I can forget about having a horrible month.

Let's cheer up a bit to talk about the things that did make me happy this week!

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Song : Deja Vu by Shakira

For some reason I've been going through a big Spanish music kick lately.  I've been working on translating our app to Spanish for work, so I think it's taking over my whole life!  I really like this song because I love pretty much everything Shakira comes out with, and it also reminds me of summer between my sophomore and junior year of college.  I had an internship in Cleveland and became really close friends with the other interns, and every week we would go to a salsa club to learn how to dance!  My favorite style was the bachata (mostly because it was the easiest and slowest) so this song makes me miss dancing.  Trust me, I didn't look ANYTHING like Shakira when I did it, but it was always so much fun!

Podcast : S Town

I haven't actually listened to this podcast yet, but I know everyone's already talking about it!  I've been subscribed and patiently waiting for the episodes to come out for a few weeks now and I can't wait to listen.  I'm waiting to binge listen to this during my marathon...I'm sure it will help the miles FLY by!  Let me know what you think of it in the comments (but no spoilers plz).

Product : GNC Pet Hip and Joint Health

The last time that we took Selma to the vet for her check-up, our doctor noticed that she was having a little bit of swelling in one of her legs.  She's almost six years old, so the vet suggested that we start giving her some Glucosamine to help out her joints.  I found this brand at the pet store and so far it's worked out great!  Selma loves the taste and it's like a little treat to her.  She seems to be running much better and doesn't seem to have any more soreness.  If you're also looking for some vitamins to help out your dog's joints I would look into these!

Show : Dancing With the Stars

This has been another no-TV-watching week for me, but I did make sure to catch up on the season premier of DWTS over the weekend.  It was a great show and I'm excited about the season!  Here are my thoughts on the dancers so far:

Normani and Val - Great pair and she's a fantastic dancer.  Definitely one to watch.
Nancy and Artem - Really sweet and graceful dancer.  I also appreciate the fact that she's kind of awkward on camera which is more relatable than the always-perfect celebrities on this show.
Chris and Witney - Awkward, kind of what I expected, but super sweet
Bonner and Sharna - One word..HOT
Charo and Keo - She is so hilarious but SO over the top.  I feel like that's going to get annoying week after week if she stays for a while
Nick and Peta - He's so much more likeable on this show!  Pretty good first dance and I'm so happy Peta's back
Heather and Maks - More awkward than I expected. I hope she brings out more of her personality!
David and Lindsay - Love him! So happy and sweet, and I loved the baseball players calling in!
Erika and Gleb - Never watched her on Real Housewives and I'm not really a fan from what I've seen.  My sister really likes her though so maybe she'll grow on me.
Rashad and Emma - I knew he would be good and he definitely didn't disappoint.  In the finals for sure.
Mr. T and Kym - Eh.  Seems like a great guy but won't be lasting long.
Simone and Sasha - Pretty much what I expected- incredible!

Random : April the Giraffe

Who else has been watching the giraffe cam at the Animal Adventures Park in New York?!  Dan and I have been glued to it for weeks, waiting for April to give birth.  It's so cool to learn more about giraffes and to see how April and the zoo keepers interact.  I can't wait to see the little cutie...hopefully in the next few days!

Favorite zoo animal?
Thoughts on S Town?
Who is watching DWTS?  Thoughts?


  1. I was blown away by S Town. I really didn't know what to expect but, without giving anything away, it really was unlike anything I've ever listened to.

  2. I hope April is a fabulous month for you!
    We give our dog Cosequine and she loves it!

  3. Ok, so I need to get into S Town? I wasn't sure if I would like it. But now I have to check it out!

  4. I actually saw a news clip about April this morning and I laughed. I cannot believe that she still hasn'y given birth yet!

  5. I used to love DWTS years ago but I kind of lost interest. I am all about Scandal and Homeland right now do you watch those?

  6. Happy Friday! Here's to April and to finally meeting each other! :) Enjoy the last day of March (it's raining here, but we are getting sushi for dinner so it's going to be a good day). I have always loved elephants. <3

  7. Oooh I love Shakira! And I love that you went out Salsa dancing! You need to teach me your moves! I'm going to have to play this song in the kitchen today and dance around with Callum. I hope April is better for you, Gretchy! xoxo Wish I could be next to you and we could have a cry, grab each other's bums and throw some eggs.

  8. Love Royce (listen Corazon sin Cara & his version of Stand by Me) and I spent most nights of my junior & senior year out salsa-ing and bachata-ing. I am terrible at cumbia - and the beat doesn't make sense to me.

    I wish I could salsa or bachata at normal clubs - because it's pretty much ALL I can do.

  9. I live under a rock: I looked up the DWTS cast and I've only heard of like half of these celebrities. Although middle school me is freaking out that Chris Kattan is on here: I went through a phase when I was obsessed with him on SNL.

    I'm sorry you've had such a bad month. I agree that new months feel like a chance to start over. I hope April treats you better

  10. I had a horrible month. So you are not alone. really ready to move on to April!!!

    favorite zoo animal is the Elephant. I just love love love elephants.

    I don't know S Town and I don't watch much TV so I've never seen DWTS. I know!! Crazy right???

  11. I'm sorry you've had another horrible week. I really hope April is much better!

    I've heard about S-Town but I haven't listened to it. I'm curious though. :)

    Favorite zoo animal? I really love the penguins and polar bears!


  12. what a great idea to save the podcast for your marathon.
    wow, the giraffe thing is still going? i had no idea. i love all zoo animals (though of course have mixed feelings about zoos) but my favourites are tigers. i could watch them all day.

  13. You are allowed to feel bad after such a terrible week. You have so much to look forward to, and I certainly hope your life brightens its path for you. You deserve it! I am halfway through S Town and am REALLY enjoying it!

  14. I literally have the April the Giraffe livestream on right now! I am ready for her to have this baby! I started checking in on her in February! Ha! I've listened to the first three episodes of S-Town. So far, I will just say, it's intriguing. :)

  15. I'm sorry to hear this wasn't a great week, but hopefully the new month will bring good things your way. I've never watched DWTS but caught a little bit of it this week because I wanted to see Erika after watching her (and liking her) on RHOBH, but I was pretty unimpressed with the dance and her attitude. Also I've been meaning to tell you that I'm obsessed with the Great British Bake Off after you mentioned it being on Netflix a few weeks ago!

  16. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear you've had a rough week. Hopefully April is a trillion times better for you! It's always good to have a fresh start!

  17. Hope this month is better for you! I didn't know you also spoke spanish! :D Do you like Juanes? He's one of my faves!


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