Another Week in Workouts

Well folks- we made it through another week. I'm getting used to this new way of life and trying to embrace it as much as I can- compared to a lot of other people I have it really easy (and I feel so fortunate to say that), so I'm focusing on that and trying to spread positivity to others! For me, that includes getting in some kind of exercise every day, outdoors if possible. Besides working out, I've been avoiding going out at all, so this has really been my respite. I hope that you're all hanging in there, and I'm always here if you need to vent or just chat.

Here's a look at how my week of workouts went!


30 min Women's History Month Bodyweight Strength with Rebecca Kennedy
Since most of my workouts are on the Peloton app now (remember- free 90 day trial!) I'm going to start putting the full title down in case any of you want to try it too! This was a super hard strength workout with the theme of "100" to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the 19th amendment to give (white) women the right to vote. The main move was 100 push-ups but the entire class was tough. I was a sweaty mess at the end!


30 min Classic Rock Yoga Flow with Kristin McGee
This was a really fun class that went by quickly. It was definitely different to have classic rock in the background instead of meditation music, but it made time go by really quickly and felt energizing.


40 min Peloton Circuit
At lunchtime, I decided to join in a few live classes to make a nice circuit for myself. I started with 10 min core strength and 10 minute full body stretch with Andy Speer, then tried out the newly added Dance Cardio to finish it up. It was a lot of fun!

4 mile run / walk
I went for a two mile run with Dan, followed by a two mile walk with Selma. We listened to the 30 min Hip Hop fun walk with Jess Sims, which helped pass the time quickly and made the walk more of a workout. I had my mom join at the same time, which was a nice bonus.

45 min Flow & Let Go with Aditi Shah
I decided to end my day with a nice yoga flow. The first 25 minutes were active postures and really fast-paced, and the last 20 minutes were restorative work. It felt great!


20 min Dance Cardio
I started my day bright and early with another dance cardio class. It was with different instructors that had a completely different feel and was really fun! I also had my friend Jessie join at the same time so it felt like we were working out together.

20 min Power Walk with Olivia Amato
Such a beautiful day out, so Selma and I took a walk around the block at lunchtime. This was a fun walk to follow and it tired out Selma.


45 min Latin Fun Run with Jess Sims
Woke up early again to head to the park for a run! It's been over a week since I've been to a park but luckily at 7AM it was empty. It felt great and this run was really fun..a few pickups but generally just nice and easy. I followed it up with a 10 minute stretch afterwards.


30 min Power Walk with Oliver Lee
I took advantage of a nice, sunny morning and took Selma on a walk around the block (plus some- we ended up with 3 miles!). I wasn't a huge fan of this guided walk- live and learn!


20 min Bodyweight Strength with Oliver Lee
Decided to give Oliver another chance with a strength class, and I loved it! He was really funny and kept the class exciting. This class was beginner level but just what I needed this morning.

7 mile run
I headed to the park in the afternoon and it ended up being super warm and humid out! Gave me a taste of summer running. The route I chose was really hilly and off the main roads at North Park, which was pretty tough but helped me avoid the insane crowds at the park. When I got home I did a quick stretch session and was WIPED OUT.

20 min Pop Fun Walk with Robin Arzon
To help stretch out even more, after I fueled up and showered I decided to take Selma for a walk. The weather was perfect for a walk and we had a nice and easy walk together.


  1. That 7AM empty road looks so peaceful - I wish I could get up early to run! It's just not in my DNA.

    I saw that Cap City Half was rescheduled - are you going to run the new date in August?


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