Cap City Half Training : Week Three

Third week of training is done, and it was a doozy! It's never easy coming back from vacation, and I was definitely struggling getting back in my routine. I managed to finish all my runs, but slacked a bit in the gym. I also had a quick weekend trip, so I'm feeling it! Let's hope starting today I'll be back on track.


30 minute racquetball
I was SO tired since it was my first day back at work, but Dan and I still wanted to jump right in with our 5AM gym date. I was kind of out of it this entire time, so I definitely need to make sure I eat before the gym next time.

15 minute basketball
The court was open after our game, so Dan and I played a bit of around the world and did some shooting. I must have been REALLY out of it because I missed about 99% of my shots. Still was fun though!

2 mile run
After work the weather was perfect, so we set out for a short and easy run. As soon as we started though, the rain poured down and felt like ice hitting us! Not fun, but made for a quicker run instead of our intended run/walk.


2 mile walk
I ended up working from home (lots of meetings and presentations..not ideal in an open office environment). It was raining all day, but luckily at lunch time it let up enough to take Selma for a walk. It was super warm out and it felt great out.


5.35 mile run
Met up with Jessie and Kelsey for a lunchtime speed workout! The plan was a 15:00 warmup, then 3 miles at 8:35, and a 10:00 cooldown. This felt easier than I was expecting after being away last week, and I ended up doing the splits in 8:27, 8:29, 8:27. I was surprised about the last mile because we faced a headwind and also had the hilliest section of the route, so I was happy to hit the pace!


2 x 3 mile walk
I was originally planning on going to the gym, but it was a really gorgeous day outside so instead I took two different walks! One was during work and I walked around the North Shore for a while (felt great to get out of the office for a bit! Came back feeling much more clear-headed to finish up my day), and the other was with Selma and Dan. Excited that it's starting to feel like spring is around the corner.


30 minute yoga
It's been a while since I did yoga (after my January challenge I didn't do any in February..eek!) so I felt a little creeky and rusty but got through a nice full-body flow.


8 mile run
Long run was solo this week because Dan and I were taking a quick weekend trip to Cleveland and had to leave early. I started this run feeling run-down and legs feeling heavy, but each mile managed to pick it up and feel better. Once I was a few miles in and realized I was getting faster each mile, I turned my focus to that and made it into a true progression run! Ended up feeling great, so it's a good reminder to never judge a run by the first mile!


3 mile walk
Got back from our quick trip to Cleveland in the afternoon. Since it was such a beautiful day out, I took Selma to the park for a little hike. It was PACKED but we avoided most of the crowds by staying on trails.

How was your weekend?
Do you prefer trails or roads?


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