March Goals + Highlights

A few days late, but Happy March to you all! The month is off to a pleasant start with some sunny days and easing back into work (JK- my first day back I had 8 straight hours of meetings with no break for lunch. HELP). 

This month, I want to start something new with my usual goals- sharing a highlight of the month! This way, I can look back and see the coolest things that I did. For February, that would definitely be my trip to Cancun at the end of the month with 7 of my favorite people. We had such a fun time that we didn't even think to take a picture as a group! The weather was beautiful, our poolside chats brought us closer, and the drinks were great. Would highly recommend and hope to do make it more of a tradition!

Now let's see how I did on my February goals!

Start a Book Club

Done and we had our first meeting! Book #1 will be The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware. I actually finished it while I was on vacation, and it was AMAZING. Can't wait to chat with everyone about it!

Frugal February

I did great on this goal! Didn't get coffee out or buy lunches. I also didn't have any dinners out, and did all my grocery shopping at Aldi.  I did buy a reusable straw and gym lock on Amazon, so one tiny slip up. But- I spent about half as much as I did last February (and this one I even went out of the country so I'll take it!)

Pantry Challenge

This was such a fun challenge and one that I'll be carrying through to March. I used up so many items, including all of my dried fruit and nuts. I also had my soups and jackfruit, and used most of the grains. One surprising favorite that I made was vegan bacon with the rice paper wrappers-sounds weird but trust me that it's AMAZING in a fake BLT. In March I want to use some of the oddball ingredients I didn't get to, like split peas and heart of palm.

Nice and easy month, so let's try with some tougher goals in March-

Dive into Half Marathon Training

This will be my first full month of training for the Cap City Half! This will also be my only month without a vacation, so I really want to make this a solid one. This means hitting my runs three times a week (one easy, one speed workout, and one long run), along with pre-work gym at least twice a week.  I also want to get back into swimming, so my goal will be to swim at least twice in March.

Finish Four Books

I'm really on a reading kick right now (blame it on book club!) but my goal is to get through four books in March. I'm already halfway through one and have a few in my queue, so this should be easy. I also want to get up reviews of previous books I've read, so look for this as well!

Catch up on Travel Posts

I've been behind on my travel posts and am finally almost  caught up. With more trips ahead, I want to finish all my 2019 posts by the end of the month, which would include my last Portugal post and some National Parks from my December trip. Looking forward to working on these.

Donate and Declutter

I've had so many clothes sitting out ready to donate, and other things that are just junking up my house. So- it's time for another declutter! My goal is to finally donate all those clothes, and get rid of at least 5 items in each room in my house. Which makes room for...

Spring Cleaning!

Yes- it's that time again! I'm going to go room by room as I declutter (if I stay organized that would be about 2 rooms a week). I'll share any resources that helped me out along with way to hopefully motivate any of you out there to pick up those dust busters as well! Happy Cleaning!

What are your goals for March?
Do you spring clean?
What was your February highlight?

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  1. I use split peas all the time in soup/broth. I love them.

  2. I'm not a Ruth Ware fan but I really enjoyed The Turn of the Key!

    1. This was my first book by her! I'm really into it.

  3. That book sounds really good, I'm also into my reading groove at the moment and looking forward to doing some reviews this week.
    Decluttering and organising a room or cupboard feels like it is always on my to-do list.

  4. good job on your frugal february! i really need a reusable straw. hmm the vegan bacon sounds interesting! i kind of want to try it even though i have never actually been a fan of normal bacon anyway haha. hope you're getting lots of spring cleaning down!


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