Training for Nothing?

Early on Monday, I turned on my phone from a weekend digital detox (which was amazing) to see that, like most other organized events, my April race was cancelled. It is undoubtedly the right call, and while it stinks a bit to feel like I'm throwing away a few weeks of great training, I have to look at the bigger picture. As someone more eloquent and smarter than me said on Instagram (wish I remember who it was so I could quote it directly)- this isn't about you. This is about protecting millions of people around the world who wouldn't be able to fight this disease and getting it to finally slow down and stop spreading.

Even though I'm technically not training for anything right now, exercise is becoming more and more important to me. It's pretty much the only thing I feel like I can do now, since our city is on non-essential lock down. It was an interesting week, and here's a look at what I did.


2.5 mile run
Headed out at lunch time for a run with Selma. She loved it, and the run felt pretty good. It was nice to see people out and smiling (and waving at them from a distance!). Seems like spirits are still pretty high in the area.

1 mile walk
My friend Jessie suggested that our group of friends and Instagram friends go on a virtual "wine walk" on our street. I happily obliged and took Selma for an afternoon walk around my neighborhood with a thermos of wine in my hand! I called my mom while she was on her own wine walk, and it was nice to have a bit of socialization and catch up on the events of the past week.


30 minute yoga
A local studio (Salt Yoga) is hosting free online live yoga classes this week, so I joined up with a lunchtime one. It felt really nice to stretch out and get some movement in.


6 miles
In the sake of trying to keep some sense of normalcy (and also get a bit of social interaction) my normal two running pals Kelsey and Jessie and I met up for our regular Wednesday speed work. We made sure to keep distance between us, but it was so nice to just be around friends again and be able to talk in person. Our speed work was great- 15 minute warm up, 5 x 4 minutes at 8:15, 15 minute cool down. It felt hard because of all the time I've been sitting still, but really felt great to get fresh air and some quick movement in my legs! Plus, we got to see the North Park bald eagle!


30 minute yoga
I decided to try out the Peloton app (free 90 day trial!) and signed up for my first live class. It was a beginner yoga class at lunchtime, and it was just what I needed. The class was slow, but it was a good way to remind myself what the movements should look like and how they should feel. It was a great break in the middle of the day to remind myself to slow down and stretch out.

20 minute core
After work, I signed up for my second class, which was a core strength workout. It was really tough, with lots of planks and isometric holds. The time went by really quickly and I enjoyed it a lot!


30 minute yoga
Lunchtime yoga is my new favorite thing. This was another beginner "glute" class with a different instructor and I really liked it. Good stretches and some strength moves going on!

3.5 mile run
There was a slight drizzle in the afternoon, which is my favorite weather to run in. I decided to try a virtual run with the theme of 90's pop and it was GREAT. The instructor gave encouragement the entire time and led us through 12 30-second pickups, which helped the time pass by quickly. It made me feel like I wasn't running alone and I really enjoyed it.


20 minute yoga
Most of the afternoon was spent with going to a few places in the city to support some of our favorite local businesses- Wigle Whiskey, Cinderlands, Pittsburgh Winery, La Prima Espresso, Eleventh Hour, McTighe's, and Shubrew. We also made some drop offs to friends and family to limit everyone's exposure, and made sure to sanitize a ton in between each visit. It was nice to be out and socialize a little, while keeping all of the distance and doing all transactions online. What a world to live in.

Anyway- when I got home I needed a little stress relief so I did some slow yoga that had more intermediate moves. It was exactly what I needed!


2 mile run/walk
Gorgeous day out, so Selma, Dan and I went to the park for a run/walk. It wasn't too crowded out which was nice, and we could keep our distance!

2 hours yard work
Since it was so nice out, we decided to move some logs and other wood. It was pretty tough work but felt great to be outside. We also made a small bonfire in our fire pit to burn up some wood, and enjoyed it with some drinks and an e-book after we finished.

How have you been dealing with being isolated?
What are your favorite at-home workouts?


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