This felt like a weird week for me- I was having trouble sleeping pretty much every day, so I would wake up exhausted. I did my workouts as usual, but I just felt off the entire time. I go through this every once in a while- I'll have weeks when I'm feeling great and like I can take on the world, then a week where I just want to stay in bed and do absolutely nothing. Let's hope that a new week will bring me some energy back.  For now- here's a recap of my week of workouts.


30 min walk
Early morning walk with Selma- great way to get the week started (as always..this is starting to feel like a tradition now).

4 mile bike
Headed out with Dan for an easy bike ride after work. Still working on standing while pushing up hills- getting there!


1.5 hour kayak
Got up super early so that we could go for a paddle around the lake before work. It was so calm and beautiful out- need to start doing this more often. Plus, it was a great workout.

20 min Rock Fun Run with Olivia
Quick run at lunchtime on a super hot day! Still getting used to the hot weather (it was 92 when I ran) but humidity was low so I actually felt great!


30 min Pride Yoga Flow with Kristin
Such a great class that went by really quickly. It felt fast paced but I never felt like I couldn't keep up (like some of the practices). This was just perfect.


45 min Turkey Burn Fun Run with Matt
Pre-work run! This is a workout that I've had saved for a while and finally got around to taking it. I like Matt's style a lot- not too much chit chat and a good playlist. This was a fun one.


30 min Ricky Martin Ride with Cody
SHE BANGS! Wow- what a fun class this was!! Cody is definitely my favorite instructor when I just want to have a good time, and this was a blast. I was singing along and cracking up at his one-liners, so I definitely didn't get the best workout, but it was so fun!


60 min Marathon Race Prep with Robin
Took my long run to the streets this week and felt super fast! I had a bit of a stomach issue throughout the run but managed to push through it. I ended up doing an almost perfect progression run for this- got faster just about every mile. The cooler temperatures definitely helped.


3+ mile walk
I was originally planning on going for a run, but I just didn't have it in me to go. This walk was nice though! I spent the rest of the morning chasing around my friends Jessie and Kelsey on their Rachel Carson virtual race- stopping at a few trail heads to cheer them on and give them some fuel. I got to hike a bit of the trails as well, so I ended up with a ton of steps for the day. They both finished the race (over 19 miles of trail run/hike!) and looked like they had so much fun that I'm almost tempted to try it myself next year....


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