July Goals and Highlights

Hi friends! June was a heavy month- lots of awful and unjust things going on in the world, along with more restrictions placed with a rise in Covid-19 cases. There's a lot of negativity and hate right now, and I hope that posting about my goals and highlights doesn't serve to diminish any of those important things going on, but hopefully be a moment of levity in your day. I know posting about working out or little moments of joy is trivial right now, but keeping a balance of learning and growing while having creative/physical outlets and monthly goals to focus on is what's keeping me sane during this time.

Starting out with my highlight of the month, it would have to be my camping trip last week. It was nice to get away for  days and be completely disconnected from the world and just talk to Dan and enjoy our beautiful planet. The benefit of going in the middle of the week was not being around other people, and I highly suggest a little retreat to reset your mind. It's done wonders for me!

Now moving onto how I did on my goals for June-

Get More Socially Involved/Aware

This is definitely on-going, life long work, but I think I made some good strides in June. I've participated in a lot of events both at work and in my spare time, learning and listening as much as possible. I also led some discussions talking about diversity and inclusion in the workplace, which were pretty eye opening and informative, as well as making donations and other work behind the scenes. I'm going to keep forcing myself to stay in that zone of having uncomfortable conversations and diversifying my shopping habits as much as possible.

Run/Walk 100 Miles

I ended the month with 70.5 running miles and 30.5 walking miles for a total of 101 miles (made it!). It was nice to have this goal in mind to push me outside when I might be more lazy, but it still was very achievable. I think this was a perfect amount!

Bike 100 Miles

This was a great biking month for me- I had my longest bike ride of 15 miles, and got out at least once a week. I also biked to the winery which was a lot of fun and something I want to do more often! For indoor rides, I also got on the bike more than I normally would and tried out a lot of fun Peloton classes (my favorites were probably Tunde's Speak Up classes and Cody's Ricky Martin ride).  I ended with 40.8 outdoor miles and 61 indoor for a total of 101.8 miles

Visit 2 New Parks

I actually ended up visiting 4 new parks this month- Deer Lakes, Rothrock, Beechwood Farms, and Mcconnell's Mills. They were all beautiful and it was great to see new areas- plus all four of these were gloriously empty. Can't wait to get back- particularly to Mcconnell's!

Now let's get into the goals for July-

Paint Baseboards

Last week, Dan and I sat down and made a list of all the projects we want to complete before we'd be ready to sell our house. Not planning on moving any time soon, but we'd like the option if the right place or opportunity came along! First up on my list is to repaint our dinged up and worn out baseboards. I actually already have the paint from repainting my fireplace (pics to come!) so I just have to get this done with.

Watercolor Outside

Last winter I took a watercolor class at my local community college and loved it. The teacher mentioned in the spring the classes sometimes go to a park to paint outside, and it sounded amazing to me. I want to find a picturesque, quiet spot and paint my heart out! I'm not very talented, but I think it would be a fun activity to try out.

Take a Daytrip Hike

I liked having a goal of visiting new parks last month, but this month I want to step it up by getting a littler further outside of the Pittsburgh bubble! One of my highlights of last year was taking a day trip to Ohio to visit Cuyahoga Valley National Park and a local brewery, so I hope to recreate that (with the new Covid rules of course..maybe just get some beer to go).

SUP or Kayak 4 times

Even though this is one of my favorite things to do and being in water is my happy place, I definitely don't do it nearly enough. It's mostly out of laziness- it's kind of a pain to get the car set up with my kayak or board and to load it back up afterwards. That shouldn't be an excuse though- so I'm going to force myself to take advantage of the summer weather and get out there!

Run 20 miles/Week

After using the platform for years, I finally decided to become a premium member of Strava (not sure what took me so long but I'm happy to support one of my most-used and favorite apps). One of the features included is setting weekly goals, and I set mine at 20 miles running and 50 miles biking per week. Let's see how close I can get each week!

What did you do in June?
Any goals?

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