June Goals and Highlights

Feels so weird to be typing out June- if March felt like it lasted a year then May felt like an hour. It went by so quickly and I can't believe that it will be officially summer soon (even if it feels like we're already there).  

This was a pretty insane month, which I talked about in my weekly workout recap. Lots of highs, and lots of lows. Today I'll try to stay focused on the good things that happened, and see how my month went, starting with my highlight, which was getting back to trail running. I've always loved running on trails and started my running journey years and years ago (when I was around 10 years old) on the trails in Riverview Park. A few of my friends are doing the Rachel Carson challenge this year and have been exploring local trails, and now that my county is allowing gatherings up to 25 I've joined them for a few runs. It's so nice to be in nature, be surrounded by beauty, and get in an amazing workout.

Now let's talk about how I did on my May goals!

Read 4 Books

Completed this goal and will share my reviews later this week! Really got in the zone this month with a lot of outdoor, hammock reading.  Bliss!

Finish Cross Stitch Project

I'm SO close to being finished! This design is of the globe, and I just have Australia left to go. I'll definitely finish this week.

Run 75 Miles

Got this just in the nick of time. I had to load up my final week (mostly because there was one week I only got in 6 miles) but I hit just over 75 miles. This felt like the perfect goal for me, because I was able to hit this with pushing myself a bit, but didn't feel burnt out on the miles. 

Pretty proud of myself for hitting those goals! Now let's talk about my goals for June-

Get More Socially Involved/Aware

I admit that I mostly like to stay in my bubble and not get involved in politics or social issues, but the time for that is over. I'll push myself to get involved in what's going on and will be sure to share along the way what I'm doing. We're all in this together!

Run/Walk 100 Miles

I liked having a running goal last month, but I also want to take Selma on more walks and hikes this month. Instead of focusing just on the miles for runs, I thought it would be fun to count both of them and try to hit triple digits!

Bike 100 Miles

Going along with the fitness theme, I also want to bike more this month. I'm going to count both miles outdoors and indoors for this goal- I've never had a biking goal before so I have no idea how easy or hard this will be to achieve!

Visit 2 New Parks

There are so many places to hike and bike and kayak around me that I've never visited, despite living in Pittsburgh my entire life. I want to check out (at least) two new ones just to appreciate and take advantage of what's in my backyard.

What are your goals for the month?


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