Mini Trip Time

We made it through another week and are almost halfway through one of the weirdest years (at least in my lifetime). This was a different week- Dan and I went camping and got to be completely secluded for a few days (super nice), and I turned 30. Here's how the week looked with workouts-


45 min Pop Fun Run with Olivia
Started my week off on the right foot by waking up early for a pre-work run. It was SO humid (registered at 100% in my weather app) and I was really feeling it. There were lots of fast pickups in this run, and I did about half of them and just tried to keep moving. It was definitely a struggle bus run, but I made it through.

30 min WHM Celebration Ride with Leanne and Hannah
One of my friends posted about doing this Women's History Month ride in the evening and I had nothing better to do so I joined in. It ended up being an uplifting and really fun ride with two super fun, British instructors. I love how Leanne and Hannah both picked each other up and were a blast together! The playlist was full of woman-power songs as well, so I enjoyed this ride a ton.


20 min Desmond Child Flow with Aditi
Some yoga to start off the day and listen to some great classic songs written by Desmond Child. It's definitely harder for me to do yoga in the morning- I feel so stiff- but it helps me feel better throughout the day.

30 min Intervals and Arms with Alex
I think Alex is my favorite instructors..which I know is a common sentiment. He's just so motivational and puts it all out there- nothing he says or does seems fake or put on, which I really appreciate. He's awesome and this ride was a lot of fun.


45 min Rock Fun Run
Did this run half on roads and half on trails and it was 100% awesome! Got the run out of the way before Dan and I set off on a camping trip, and it felt great to have it over with so I could really relax the rest of the day- which mostly included chilling out in a hammock drinking beers! (see below for proof)


3 hour Kayak
We were camping near Moraine State Park which has a huge lake, so we had to bring up our kayaks and get out there. The weather was perfect, so we spent a while out on the water, doing some paddling but also just relaxing. It was awesome - my happy place for sure!

15 mile Bike
There's a paved bike path that goes along the lake shore for about 7.5 miles, so we went out and back for my longest ever bike ride. It was really fun and the views were incredible! I was enjoying the ride so much that I didn't even take pictures, but just trust me that it was gorgeous.


3.5 mile hike
From our campsite, we were able to hike up to the old mill at Mcconnells Mills State Park, following the Kildoo Trail. It was kind of hilly and rocky in places, but it was one of my favorite hikes that I've ever done. We followed Slippery Rock Creek and got to see some waterfalls and white water. The sound was so therapeutic and I could have stayed there forever. I can't believe this was my first time visiting the park, but now I want to go back and do more sections of this trail! I have to share one more pic just because it was so picturesque- check out the waterfall starting all the way at the top!

30 min Dolly Parton ride with Robin
We got home a little after lunchtime, and after resting up I jumped on the bike to join this live class. I love Dolly, and this was a great class to just loosen up my legs and sing along to amazing songs. Luckily for me, Robin played Jolene twice (once as the original and once as a techno remix). Fun class!


6 mile Run
After sleeping in for a while (feels so good to sleep in a bed after camping!) I headed out for a nice shakeout run. What started as a goal to have even splits quickly turned into a progression run- I felt better and better as the run went on so I naturally sped up, and then made it a game to make each mile a little faster than the previous one. I actually did a route that I took back in May and really struggled through, so it was nice to see my pace about 15 seconds faster per mile, and felt so much better. When I got home and went to water my plants, I noticed my toad friend was back so I had to snap a pic! Isn't he cute?


5k Time Trial + 1 mile warm up and cool down
If you've been following my blog long enough to remember my 30x30 list, you might know that one of my goals was to run a race every year for my birthday. Since races aren't currently a thing (my half marathon is officially off as of this week) I decided to go back to my high school cross country course and do a time trial. It was rough and humid and tough (and I questioned why I was doing it many times) but I finished and had a decent time of 26:04. I'll take it!  On the note of my 30x30 list, I'm officially 30 now and some of my plans to cross of the last few items got derailed in the last few months...but onward and upward.

20 min flow with Kristin
Great stretches in this one, especially right after my run. Didn't really feel like a yoga class, more like a flowing stretch class. I liked it!

How was your week?
Are you doing any time trials or virtual races?


  1. Happy Birthday! Nice work on your time trial. I'm signed up for a virtual 5K next week and as much as I want to make it a time trial, I just don't have the motivation to push hard for 3 miles, so it's gonna be a fun run (that's okay, the race itself would have been a fun run!).

    I guess this just means your 30 before 30 list will have to become 40 before 40? ;-)

    1. Thanks! And good luck in the virtual race- it really is hard to push with not a lot of motivation so enjoy yourself. At this point I feel like I just need to make a bucket list haha - no more numbers!


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