Day in the Life : Quarantine Edition

Hey everyone and happy Wednesday! Today I wanted to bring back a post that I've done in the past- Day in the Life. These are always fun for me to share and to look back on to see what was a normal day for me. This will definitely be one to remember with Quarantine happening!  I'll be sharing what yesterday looked like, which is pretty typical nowadays.  Let's get into it with my morning alarm.

5:45 - Alarm goes off, snooze it till around 6:00 and begrudgingly get out of bed. I set up my Amazon Echo to play "spa meditation" station starting at 5:45 so that helps lure me out gently.

6:15 - Head out the door after having a glass of water, some apple sauce, and taking Selma out. I'm running at the lake by my house and get to see a beautiful sunrise. Days are starting to get shorter :(

7:15 - Finish up my run with a little over 5 miles. Felt great and the park wasn't crowded at all as a bonus. Drive home and head down to the garden to pick some tomatoes, kale, and peas and do some pruning. 

7:30 - Quick shower (good thing about being home is not having to dry and style my hair every day! Or wear regular clothes!) and make a little breakfast of mango smoothie and coffee while I log into work and check emails. Most of my team doesn't log in until 9, so this is always my window of getting things cleared from my inbox from our offshore team, and finish up reports without having any interruptions.

8:45 - Take a break before my meetings start for the day with a 10 minute patience meditation on the Peloton app. Great start to the day!

9:00 - Busy day ahead..I have meeting scheduled straight from 9 until 3 with just a 30 minute break in there! For some of them I turn on my speaker and walk around the room or make a quick snack, so it's much better than being in a conference room. For lunch I make a veggie burger (with some of my fresh tomatoes and kale) with a side of waffle fries. Trader Joe's has a truffle ketchup that's AMAZING and I use this on both. During my break I listen to the Coffee Break German podcast- I'm trying to learn conversational German so I've been taking a lesson every day.

4:30 - Finally done with work..crazy how fast the days seem to go now. Luckily I had a happy hour with some of my female coworkers (we've been trying to keep them every few weeks to keep in touch and stay sane and it's been a highlight to look forward to). I grab a North Country Italian Pilsner and chat away.

5:30 - Log off Zoom after some fun chats (man I miss my coworkers) and head to the park with Dan and Selma for a hike on the green trail. It was completely empty and gorgeous! Selma absolutely loved it.

7:00 - Don't really feel like cooking so we decided on some takeout. We've been pretty selective about eating out but it seemed like a good choice today and we end up getting Chinese - lo mein and hot/sour soup is always my go-to. I eat outside while reading my latest book (Such a Fun Age by Kylie Reid). After eating I wash the dishes and clean up a bit.

8:30 - Chat with a friend in German- she's helping Dan and me practice and it's been a fun way to catch up with her and also practice our conversational skills. She thinks our progress is "sehr gut"!

9:30 - Get ready for bed. I have a dentist appointment first thing in the morning (it's my first appointment of any kind since Quarantine happened so I'm a bit nervous..I already went through a pre-appointment health questionnaire but I'm still uneasy of how safe it'll be) so I make sure to floss and brush super well. I also wash my face and rub on some lavender oil that I infused myself!

10:15 - Bed time! I've mentioned before that I have a hard time getting to sleep, so I take a melatonin and listen to a sleep meditation while I try to drift off to sleep. Fingers crossed I won't wake up until I hear my meditation playlist in the morning.  Gute Nacht!

What do your days look like recently?
Have you had any appointments recently? How did they go?


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