One Question Interview

Hi everyone! We're doing things a little different today, and I'm going to be answering some fun questions. You probably know by now that I'm a big Peloton fan, and during quaratine they've had the trainers answer fun "one question interviews" on their Instagram account. It's been a fun way to learn more about the instructors! Today I wanted to answer the questions myself, and want to hear your responses as well!

Here we go with the One Question Interviews (maybe we'll have a part two if they keep the series up!)

3 words to describe myself

Curious - I love learning new things, traveling to new places, and meeting new people with different backgrounds.

Passionate - I live by the phrase "How you do anything is how you do everything". I give everything my all and get obsessed with things really quickly. There's no half-measures with me!

Friendly - I hope that I come off this way, but as I mentioned above I love to meet new people and making friends wherever I go. I want people to feel valued and important, and strive to do that daily.

(for the record- I asked Dan how he would describe me....first he said "pain in butt", then he said "positive, adventurey (not a real word), fun". I'll take it!)

One thing you do everyday that is just for you
Lately this has been moving in some way. I never used to be a daily workout person (I took my rest days SERIOUSLY), but ever since the shut downs happened for COVID-19, that's seemed like the one thing that I can control. I don't have a crazy hard workout every day (you can see what I do each week here), but I do appreciate my time alone to get in some kind of moment every day. Sometimes this is a wine walk around the neighborhood or a gentle restorative yoga, and other days it's a tough multi-hour trail run. But- every day I can wake up and decide what I want to do and that feels good.

What did you want to be when you were younger
When I was younger, I had two main jobs in mind - a chef or a musician. I always loved cooking and serving others (still do!) fact when my parents let me start cooking dinners the first thing I made was chicken cordon bleu. I haven't stopped since then and still love to cook for others and challenging myself with new dishes! On the other end, I've played violin since I was in elementary school and always had dreams of playing with a famous orchestra. Then in high school I picked up the saxophone as well and wanted to play in pit orchestras for musicals.

Something you hate that everyone (seems to) love
I actually shared a list a few months ago on Instagram, so I have quite a few! Here we go...

Matcha - This is something that I really WANT to love...without fail when I see something with matcha on a menu I order it, but it always leaves a bad taste in my mouth (pun semi intended). We even did a matcha tea ceremony in Kyoto which was lovely, but I still didn't like the taste of it!

White wine - I will say that I like certain types of Chardonnay, but otherwise I will always and forever order a red wine over a white! It just tastes too bland and light for my taste.

Soccer and hockey - I absolutely love sports and will watch anything live (particularly now), but I just can't enjoy soccer or hockey. They both seem too slow paced to me (not in terms of ball/puck or running/skating speed) and I always end up getting bored and walking away...then come back an hour later and it's the same score. PASS!

Staying Spoiler Free - This is something that drives Dan crazy- anytime I watch a show or movie I always have to read what happens. Since we don't have cable this is even better because I can never watch a show live, so I can always read spoilers ahead of time! Bonus points if it's a reality competition and the season is over so I can find out who wins before watching episode one!

Mani/Pedis - Have never gotten either of these and never will. They're so expensive, I use my hands a lot so nailpolish chips immediately, and I don't like having my feet touched.

Big city or Disney races - In theory these both sound nice, but when you look at the logistics (and the pricing!!) it quickly devolves into a nightmare. Standing in a starting corral for five hours before fighting through crowds? NO THANKS!

Pizza - Don't get me started....

Podcasts or shows about murderers/people that hurt animals - This one should be self-explanatory...I don't get the appeal! It seems like it's turning awful, awful people into celebrities and glamorizing the worst moment of a victim's life.

London or Paris - I might change my mind if I visit, but these are two cities that I have no desire or interest in visiting. I definitely want to see the countries, but these places have never interested me.

Answer a question in the comments!!


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