Workouts and an Ideal Day

Good morning everyone! I hope that you enjoyed your weekend- mine was really fun and busy (big change from the last few months!). We had a tiny break from the crazy heat in the last few weeks and I took advantage of it. Here's a look at how my week of workouts was:


30 min All For One Strength
My body was telling me it needed a break from cardio, so I did a nice strength workout. This was another workout in the "All for One" series I started last week- this one featuring all of the strength teachers (Adrian, Rebecca, Andy, Jess, Chase, Robin, and Selena). The class was divided into four sections- full body (Rebecca and Andy), lower body (Selena and Adrian), upper body (Jess and Chase) and a finisher (Robin). The class was OK- some of the segments I loved and other felt like they dragged on. But- it was a good workout.


6 mile run
It's always so crazy to me that one run can feel awful, and then a few days later feel so easy. Compared to my long run on Sunday, this one was a breeze! I did a different loop at the lake and tried to keep my miles steady and relaxed (they all stayed between 9:23 and 9:33 which is really consistent for me!)

30 min Flow and Let Go with Aditi
Took my favorite kind of yoga class today- half of the class is dedicated to active postures, followed by a second half of restorative work. It's such a nice balance and makes me feel amazing! Today's class was all about stretching out the lower body and it felt so good and the time flew by.


2.25 mile hike
Took Selma for a lunchtime hike along the Rachel Carson Trail. I knew she would love this because there are creek crossings, and she got to swim a bit! The water levels were insanely low since we haven't gotten much rain in the last week, so the crossings were much easier. Nice way to get outside in the middle of the work day!

45 min All For One More Ride (plus warm up and cool down)
Completed the other cycle ride in the All for One series! This featured the rest of the instructors -  Christine, Leanne, Tunde, Sam, Irene, Emma, Matt, Cody, Ally, Hannah. I liked this one better than the first because it felt like all the instructors worked together to make this one cohesive workout (two songs were active recovery, a few climbs, and some different types of intervals). I really liked it and ended up going almost two miles further than the other ride!


20 min Pop Fun Run with Robin
Early run in the humidity. My legs felt heavy at the start from my bike ride, but loosened up nicely after about a mile. I felt pretty good for this and rounded up to three miles with some podcasts.

10 min Restorative Yoga with Anna
I noticed this live class right between two meetings in the afternoon, so it was a great rest from my work day! This was a really quick class but was the perfect pick-me-up.


30 min Intervals Run with Rebecca
My original plan for the day (like most Fridays lately) was to run trails, but we had some pretty intense storms the past two nights so I decided to stick to the streets. I ended up doing an intervals run since I haven't done a speed workout in a while. This one was really great and challenging- starting with 30 second intervals and gradually increasing to 2 1/2 minutes. The last mile was intervals of 1 1/2 minutes on, 30 seconds off x 5, which was tough!! I ended up rounding up to 4 miles to help cool down after the workout was over.


10 min AHM Classical Cool Down with Emma
I decided to have an easy day after my hard run yesterday, so I did this cool down ride which featured Asian musicians and composers as part of Peloton's Asian History Month celebration. It was really great!

10 min Yoga Flow for Hamstrings with Aditi
Rounded out my easy day with some great hamstring stretches. This is always the tightest part of my body so I really enjoyed this.


6.75 mile Kayak
It was a gorgeous day out, with some lower temperatures, so Dan and I decided to have a day of adventure! We started out by parking by the end of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail on the Ohio River. This was marked as a launch point, but it looked like it hadn't been used for year! There was a lot of garbage and other things blocking the ramp, so it wasn't the greatest start (or end when we had to navigate through it), but once we were in the river it was perfect. We paddled up to PNC Park, around the Point, and back. It was the furthest that I've ever kayaked before and was a great time.

10 mile Bike
We put away our kayaks and set out on our bikes down the river trail, heading towards a brewery with an outdoor beer garden. After passing by PNC Park, we headed up to the road and stayed on the bike lanes to get to Allegheny City Brewing. Once we got there, someone let me know there was a group bike ride leaving in about an hour, so after we finished our beer we ended up following them for a bit- heading around the Point and then left them to head to a pop up brewery right by our car (Roundabout Brewing!). Perfect end to what's an ideal day for me!

Side note- this week I did not hit my goal of 20 miles. I knew my body needed a break from running during the weekend (plus it was fun to do something else active and spend time with Dan), so I prioritized that instead. No regrets!


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