Unstoppable Today

This week marks the start of Pelothon 2020, a four week challenge with different goals each week. For the first week, I have to take a class with every instructor on my team- I chose The Unstoppables which features Alex, Christine, Hannah F, Irene, Matty, and Chelsea. It was so hard to choose a team (they were all great), so I decided to pick the team with the fewest members. I'm happy with my choice and loved trying out new instructors this week! Here's what I did-


30 min Y2K Pop Fun Run with Matty
Felt refreshed after a few days off of running, and did a hilly loop around my neighborhood. This run felt fun, and I crossed off my first instructor from team #TheUnstoppables. I always love Matty's workouts- he's such a positive and uplifting person, and puts a smile on my face.

45 min Beginner Yoga Flow with Chelsea
This was a great class for a few reasons- I really like Chelsea's style and how she moves from position to position (and also how she structures each class), but also because it was a beautiful day and I got to do this outside! I love when I can do outdoor yoga, and it was the perfect day for that. Second instructor done!


45 min Kayak
Benefit of working from home- I can sneak out at lunch for a kayak ride! It was kind of crowded, which makes sense because it was a gorgeous day. Not too much of a crazy workout- mostly relaxed on the water. Bliss!

30 min Classical Music ride with Christine
There is not much more I love more than classical music, so I was really pumped to see one of my team instructors having a live ride this week! This was my first full ride with Christine and I really enjoyed it..her class was structured really well and the music was awesome. I also appreciate the fact that she let us get lost in the music instead of talking constantly (sometimes I like that but sometimes I just want to enjoy the song!).


4 mile Trail Run
Got to run the green trail loop and a bit of orange trail in North Park for this run! I'm slowly making my way through running on every trail in the park, and I think these might be some of my favorites. The trails were well-marked and really gorgeous- no huge hills but nice and rolling. Loved it.

30 min Britney Spears Ride with Cody (plus warm up)
OH. MY. GOSH. There are no words to describe how amazing this ride is. Cody is always a ton of fun and I love his rides, but he was in his element for this and it was one of the most enjoyable classes I've taken. I loved it SO much and have never had so much fun working out before!!


45 min Latin Fun Run with Jess
I slept in a bit and headed out when it was pretty warm and humid, and was just dragging on this run. I kept it really easy and made it a run/walk, which felt good. When I got home, I did a foam rolling class which hurt in the best way.


20 min 90s Rock Ride with Alex
20 min Hip Hop Ride with Hannah F
I did these two classes back to back in the morning to finish out week one of Pelothon! I took it really easy for both which was fun- I enjoyed the music a lot. It was interesting to go from Alex's class which was older and had people in the studio (back when that was a thing) and then Hannah's was during Quarantine when it was just her in the studio. The energy was SO different and I can't wait for classes to start back to normal again.


7.5 mile run
Went out first thing in the morning for my long run and PHEW it was hot. I was so warm and tired on this run and walked a lot in the last mile. It actually felt great out when I was walking, just too much when I was running! The best part of this run was listening to Bec's Britney Spears Run- it was SO good.


2 mile run
Another really warm day- the original plan was for a long bike ride, but since it was already in the 80s at 7AM and a heat advisory all day, we nixed that. I ran a mile with Dan and Selma, then another mile solo to hit my weekly goal. A neighbor was out walking and said "It's too hot to do that! It's even too hot to do this"...kind of agree!

30 min Yoga Flow with Denis
This was a nice class but kind of basic- there weren't any fun moves or interesting transitions...just a straight-forward class. Sometimes that's nice and I always enjoy classes with Denis!

Did you do Pelothon? Which team did you choose?


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