Quarantine Projects

Good morning everyone! I don't know what's gotten into me during the lock-down, but I've gone into project overdrive. Not sure if it's because I feel like I need to be doing something or I'm filling the void that social interaction and having plans left, but I've used this time to cross off all the things I've been putting off in our house. 

Dan and I sat down and made a list of everything we had to and wanted to do before we would think of selling the house, and I've been checking things off like crazy (and adding more as I go, naturally). Some things are not glamorous like patching holes or deep cleaning the kitchen, but I've had some fun makeovers as well! This is just part one, because I'm already working on some bigger areas (hint- kitchen and bathroom!).  Let's look at what I've done so far!


This was definitely our biggest project of Quarantine, and the gift that keeps on giving (you can follow the monthly progress here!). We spent a lot of time right when everything shut down, and ever since have just been maintaining! I have to admit that Dan is the main person that built everything (the boxes, fencing, etc) while I've been keeping up with everything day to day. Division of labor!

We also added a corner post and some mulch to help separate our yard from our neighbors, and have plans to add plants and a bird bath there next year. This area looks so different now and I'm really happy with it.


My second project was probably the one I was most excited for. Since we moved in four years ago, we never touched our second bedroom. We had mismatched furniture, a lot of clutter, and ugly yellow walls. I've been using this as my office while working from home, and it did not give me good vibes! I decided to paint over the walls with a super light gray (Olympus White by Sherwin Williams), which immediately changed the tone. 

I added a corner shelf to hold some decorative items we had floating around, got a little colorful cactus, and mounted Dan's guitar on the wall next to some artwork. 

On the opposite wall I did a little macrame project in a similar tone to the wall color which helped finish off the chill, zen feel that I was going for.


One of the features that I first noticed and loved about our house was the fireplace wall. I've always wanted a house with a fireplace, and I loved how this one had built-in cabinets and a tongue and groove wall treatment to make it stand out. But- it was pretty dingy and in need of some TLC. I started out by fixing up the caulk lines (always remember to run a wet finger down the caulk line to smooth it out and make it look seemless!) and cleaning everything thoroughly. Then, I painted the fireplace a rich navy blue (Dark Night by Sherwin Williams), the trim a glossy white, and the wall a satin white, and finally swapped out the screen for another one we had in the house. I LOVE how this turned out and it's even more of a favorite area in the house now.


Since I was repainting the fireplace area, I had to do the entryway as well! This is at our front door and while I love the shelves, it became a dumping ground for all miscellaneous things (pom-poms, hats and gloves, lighter fluid, mail, receipts, utility flags- you name it!). My first task was again to clean all of this up and repaint the shelves and wall. Then- I used a grout refresh (basically a thick paint) to re-color the grout lines and make everything look fresh. 

I added some Command hooks for Selma's leash and harness, and added baskets to hide some clutter. Lastly, I framed my cross stitch project that I started and finished during Quarantine (seems fitting!)

Have you done any house projects during Quarantine?
What should I make over next???


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