New Trails

Hello there! This was a really fun and quick week for me- work has been really steady and busy the past few weeks with a big upcoming merger just months away, so my workouts have really been my mental escape. I didn't get out for biking or kayaking as much as I wanted to, but hoping to fix that this week. But it was a good week of workouts, with one long bike ride and a run on a trail I've been wanting to visit for a while. Here's how the week went-


10 min Focus Flow: Floor Poses with Aditi

I woke up and went on a long morning walk with Selma, and got in some yoga once I got back. Felt like a great way to start the week and day! I could tell that I haven't been doing enough yoga lately because my hips were TIGHT. Need to get back into taking longer yoga flows instead of just these 10 minute ones.

15 mile Bike

Dan and I headed out for a midday bike ride and I'm pretty sure this was my longest (nonstop) ride ever. We started at Bond Park and took the White Oak Creek Greenway all the way to the American Tobacco Trail. We've done this trail a few times before, starting at different parks, but this was the first time we did the entire thing. There are a few times where you have to cross roads, but they're all very small and not busy streets. Otherwise it's all trail with a few bridges and tunnels! Such a fun path to bike on and so beautiful.


20 min Walk + Run with Matt
I was not feeling great all day but managed to get myself outside for a short run. I ended up feeling pretty good on this and ran the entire time instead of taking the walk breaks. It was about to start raining (it had been raining off and on all day) so the park was completely empty but I could have used the rain- it just felt very sticky and gross out so the rain would have felt refreshing. Once I got home I did my core class and a long stretch.


20 min Restorative Yoga with Chelsea
Super relaxing way to start off my day! Maybe not the best idea to wake up and take a class where you're basically sleeping but this felt really nice and made me feel more ready to take on the day, and my core workout right after!

3.5 mile Run

Today was the seven year anniversary of the House of Hops Run Club! I feel so lucky that I found this club and was welcomed in by the group immediately. In the short time that I've been going I've already made a lot of friends and have had so much fun getting to know everyone and the running scene in Raleigh. Today's run felt so good- I felt like I could run forever and my legs just felt amazing! Complete change from last week when I was struggling to finish. After the run I hung out for a while and got suckered into signing up for two local races, so time to start really training!


10 minute Core Strength with Matty
I felt like I needed a day off so my only workout today was for the Summer Crunch challenge and a longish walk with Selma, where I crossed off my final Apex park! (check out my post will a review of every park here). Needed an easy day!


20 min Spotify Disney Hits Ride with Cody
What a ride!! What a playlist!! I lovedddd this so much and was not even paying attention to biking at all because I was just having a great time. Could have gone for a longer ride for this playlist but beggars can't be choosers. Finished off the ride with my core class!


5 mile Run

I got my first taste of the American Tobacco Trail on my run today! This trail is a really popular place to run and bike, since it's pretty flat, shaded, and long-it runs from Apex all the way to Durham for a total of 22 miles. I started at the Wimberly entrance and headed north for 2.5 miles and then turned around. It was such a humid morning so this was a tough run but I made it in one piece and then basically passed out the rest of the day.


2 mile Walk

Checked off another park in Cary this morning! We headed to the North Cary Park, which is right off of the Black Creek Greenway that we previously biked on. The park itself is one of the nicest I've visited so far- there are tons of activities from a HUGE playground and sandpit to sand volleyball, climbing area, and fields. After we checked out all of the fun areas we explored a bit of the trails which were also great. Lots of tree coverings and bridges! 

We made our way down to the greenway and walked on that for a bit, taking a pit stop in the creek so Selma could swim a bit. It was a great park and would be a great place to go on a run.

10 min Yoga Flow with Anna

Dan and I were both in need of a good stretch so we took this short and fun class. There was a lot of movement, some balance, and good stretches so it was just what I was looking for.


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