Stress Relief

Happy Monday! This was a long and stressful week at work for me, so I kept it a little easier in terms of workouts. I just didn't feel like I had the energy to do much other than taking it easy and having runs with some new friends. Here's a look at my week-


10 min Yoga Flow with Kirra

Hit yoga class #200 this morning (no shoutout though, boo!). My shoulders were super sore from yesterday's class so I took this one pretty easy and skipped out on some of the more advanced moves like Rockstar. Kirra is such a fun instructor though and I love her personality in the classes.

30 min Speak Up Ride with Tunde

I was excited to see this class back on the schedule after a bit- even though I know these classes are tough (physically) they inspire me so much mentally and help me really think about my actions. Tunde has a way to break down what's going on in the world and how to be a better person in such simple terms- one of my favorite quotes that she shared during the ride was "If all you see is what you see, you will never see all that there is to be seen." I loved it and wrote it down immediately- it's a great reminder to always look for more information and seek out people and places outside of your comfort zone.


20 min Pop Run with Matty

Lunch run to visit two more parks- Kelly Street and Kelly Glen. They're right beside each other so I parked at Kelly Street and stopped by the small neighborhood park and ran back to hit up the greenway for a total of 3.5 miles. This is the same greenway that goes to Apex Jaycee and was closed last time I visited, so I was excited to see it open again. Next run I'll have to do the entire path! When I got home I did a stretch and hydrated a LOT because I got very sweaty on this run.


20 min Yoga with Adriene

Dan requested a yoga class this morning and we did one of his favorites. This was a perfect class for the morning because it had lots of stretching and movement but wasn't too intense.

3.5 mile Run

Another fun run with the House of Hops Run Club! Today I got to run with Charline and Erica (who was actually my yoga instructor at the outdoor class I took Sunday). We had a great time chatting and running, plus a little walking because it was pretty warm in the evening.


20 min Restorative Yoga with Denis

Restorative is always such a relaxing class, which is just what I needed today. This one was interesting because we did poses that are regularly in a yoga class (lotus, chair, thread the needle, savasana) but did them all with props so it was very passive and helped stretch me out. Loved it!


30 min Pop Ride with Cody

Had an absolute BLAST on this ride! Such a great playlist (starting with Take Me There from the Rugrats Movie..iconic) and Cody was hilarious as always. Time went by so quickly and I was just smiling the whole time! Finished it up with an arm workout with Cody as well (these were both from Tuesday and I was just too lazy to take them then!). 


4 mile Run

Met up with some friends to do two laps at Lake Lynn. It was my first time there but I really liked the loop! It had some rolling hills, boardwalks, and lots of dogs. The run went by super quickly with these two! When I got home I did a nice standing yoga class to help stretch out a bit.


30 min Sweat Steady with Jess

Fun morning class while I watched the Formula 1 race. Ended up biking easy for about an hour just to help shake out my legs. Followed it up with a walk on the trails with Selma and another standing yoga.


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