Summertime Sadnesss

Another week has gone by and August is just about over. Summer is coming to an end! I'm not really sad about the high temperatures going much as I love the sun and the heat I'm ready for a few cooler mornings at least! I trudged through my workouts this week, getting in a good variety. Here's how it went-


4 mile Run

Ventured away from my normal route to hit the streets and check out a park right by my apartment. There's also a greenway that connects it to the main road that I always pass and I finally got to run on it! Very nice park and path, and there was a working water fountain that definitely saved me in the middle of the run.


5 mile Bike

Crossed off two more parks at lunchtime on my short bike ride. There's a greenway that connects two parks in Cary, so I went to check it out! I think it would have been better as a walk or run- the road was very steep and curvy, so most of the time I was on the brakes or pedaling like crazy to get up hills. I also went through a few neighborhoods that had bike lanes which was the best part of the ride!


4 mile Run

Run Club with Char! It had just got done raining, so the air felt very thick and I was not feeling great on the run. It was one of those runs that as soon as we had to stop to cross the street or wait for a light I felt like I was going to throw up. Not good! We were originally aiming for 4.5 miles, but shortly after we hit 4 we both decided to just walk back.


60 min Bike
Put together a few classes for a longer bike ride today, as well as listening to some podcast. Just wanted to move my legs a bit since I was still pretty sore from yesterday's run. I also followed this up with a quick yoga stretch.


2 mile Walk
Nice long walk before work today with Selma. Brought along my coffee and listened to a guided Peloton walk, followed by a podcast. Beautiful morning! 


3 mile Run
This was one of my the first runs in a while that I listened to a podcast! I used to do that all the time, but lately usually do the guided Peloton runs. I tried to keep my pace easy enough that my heart rate stayed low and ended up feeling great the entire time. After I finished running I walked for about a mile to cool down.


1 hour Yoga

Outdoor yoga in the morning at Gizmo Brewing! This was my second time going and I still absolutely love the class. It was a really hot day so Erica kept the class on the slower and easier side which was very much needed. We finished off with a beer which is the way yoga should always end.


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