Mask Up

Happy Monday everyone! This was such a fun and good week, full of all kinds of new parks and adventures. I also got to do some group runs which was so much fun and hopefully can continue for a while...even though my city is now under mandatory mask rules again. Sigh. Hope you're all staying safe out there!

Here's a look at the week-


1/2 mile Walk

Checked off my final park in Apex after work by visiting Hunter Street Park (still have two small neighborhood parks to go)! There was just a short path around the complex but Selma and I enjoyed the park a lot. There's also a huge dog park that I might get a membership for! I bet it will be really nice in the fall once the temperatures cool down a bit.

10 min Restorative Yoga with Kristin

Did my core challenge workout (week 2 kicking off well!) and then did a relaxing yoga to end the day. This one was great because not many props were needed- just a block. Loved the stretches we got to do!


1.5 mile Walk

Felt really sleepy this morning so instead of going on our planned bike ride, Dan and I just went on an easy walk with Selma. I've been lazy about getting out for a walk in the morning but hopefully this will motivate me! It felt great to get moving first thing. When we got back we did our core workout which was a bit easier than previous days' classes.

30 min Hip Hop Ride with Kendall

No Tuesday ride with Cody this week but this one was a good substitute. Great playlist and Kendall is always fun on her rides. Took it pretty easy but still got a good sweat going on!


2.25 mile Walk

Woke up early so I was able to do the lake loop with Selma before starting work. Great start to the day, especially since I got to do my core workout as soon as I got home. Halfway through week 2 of the program!

4 mile Run

Heat advisory run at House of Hops today! It was about 95 when we started and was definitely warm. I had to walk a bit in the final mile heading up the last hill but finished the run. I was also really happy because this was the first time I got to run with the whole group (at least at the start of the run)! Before now everyone would run separately and meet up for drinks at House of Hops after finishing. It was fun to run and talk with new friends.


30 min Hip Hop Ride with Ally

I'm on a kick of working out before work this week and got to do this class live! It was really great and had a bunch of throwback songs and some newer ones. I haven't done a live class early in a while so this was a great way to kick off my day.


2 mile Walk

Had a bit of excitement on my morning walk this morning- I saw a snake on the path! Luckily someone pointed it out to me so I could keep Selma away but it was my first time seeing one in the wild. It was just a little black rat snake thankfully so nothing to be scared about. Selma was very interested though! Got back and did my core workout and some stretches.

20 min Latin Ride with Tunde

Pushed super hard on this ride because the music was great and I always have a hard workout with Tunde. Might have even been a PR for me but I absolutely loved it and had a great ride.


7 mile Run

Met up with a bunch of friends to run on the Turkey Creek trail in Umstead for Charline's birthday! She's doing 32 miles this week for her 32nd birthday and I was happy to join in for these miles on trails. 

It was a really beautiful trail full of people biking, walking, and running. It was really warm even early in the morning so we kept the pace easy and just had a fun time chatting. I definitely want to come back for a run again sometime! Once I got home and was cooled down I did my final week 2 core workout.


1 hour SUP

Woke up a little early and decided to head to the lake for a solo paddle. It was pretty empty at the park and the lake was completely flat and beautiful. I paddled around for a bit, relaxed a lot, and enjoyed some peace and quiet on the water. I also got to see a turtle swimming around me at one point!

30 min HIIT and Hills with Olivia

Finished off the week with a fun bike. I don't take rides with Olivia very often but went for the most recent 30:00 ride which was this one. Great playlist and tough workout!


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