Good morning and Happy Monday! This was such a great and busy week for me- so many fun outdoor activities including a new favorite bike path and the most amazing kayaking spot. I also got to hang out with some new friends and watch LOTS of Olympics! Here's a look at my week in workouts-


10 mile Bike Ride

Kicked off the week on a great note with a morning bike ride. We started at Black Creek greenway and rode out to Lake Crabtree. We stayed on the trail by the lake for a bit, taking in the sights before heading back. We got to see a ton of cranes relaxing in the water and it was so beautiful! I really liked this trail- it goes right along a creek the entire way and had some really gorgeous sections. It was completely shaded the entire time so I think it would be a great place to run.

20 min Classical Run with Becs

Fun and quick run in the woods at Apex Nature Park. Somehow I got lost on the trails and ended up in a neighborhood down the road from the park entrance so it was a little adventure! Loved the classical music playlist as well.

1 hour Yoga

Made it to my first Meetup! This was Yoga in Nature- which happens in a few locations around the Raleigh area. I really liked this class- the pacing was pretty good and the music was a mix of relaxing during slower parts and fun/pop music for the more active sections. The weather was also absolutely perfect- not too hot in the shade and an amazing breeze going the entire time.


10 min Focus Flow : Floor Poses with Ross

This class was SO good. It was all stretches for the legs, focusing mostly on the thighs. Felt amazing and stretched me out so well.

30 min Pop Ride with Cody

Easy Tuesday evening live ride- so much fun as always. Needed to shake out the legs after a super active Monday and this did the trick.


4.5 mile Run

Run Club Wednesday! I got to run with a new girl today who just joined the club and is training for her first half marathon! Her pace was perfect for me so I think we're going to end up being running buddies for the club. It was great getting to know her and enjoy cooler weather on the run.


10 min Yoga Flow with Chelsea

Got to do my yoga at lunchtime today! Nice and quick and lots of movement helped beat the afternoon slump. I followed up with a 10 minute core- I actually started a challenge this week with Matty called Summer Crunch, which is a 10 minute class every week day. So tough but he makes it fun!


20 min Walk + Run with Olivia

I honestly did not feel like doing this run at all, so I told myself just to do a walk run. This class was just what I needed because the runs were never longer than one minute and had an equal amount of walk breaks. I still didn't feel great but I got it done! When I got home I did my yoga class and core.


20 min 90s Ride with Tunde

Talk about a fun class- this one was amazing! I've had it bookmarked for a while based on the playlist and it was definitely worth the wait. So great and I was smiling and singing along to the playlist the whole time.


15 mile Bike Ride

Dan and I had a fun morning planned, starting with a bike ride on the Neuse River trail. This is a 28 mile paved trail that is part of a the much longer Mountains to Sea trail (which goes from the Great Smoky Mountains to the Outer Banks). We just did a small section starting from Anderson Point Park and turning around near Buffaloe Road Park. I loved it and can't wait to explore more sections!

2 hour Kayak

After we were done biking, we headed to a little park called Robertson Millpond Preserve to kayak. I've had this place on my must-do list since before we even moved down here! It was basically described as a hiking path that you kayak on, which is exactly what it is. After you put in, you follow number buoys around a 1.15 mile course that has some sections of open, deep water, and others that are tree covered and make you feel like you're trekking through a jungle. It was absolutely breathtaking and one of my favorite outdoor activities that I've ever done! I could have spent all day there just enjoying the beautiful sights and seeing all kinds of birds, turtles, and fish all around me. It was such a great experience and under 30 minutes away from me, so I know I'll be back many times in the future.

20 min Latin Run with Adrian

I only needed 1.5 miles to hit my mileage goal for the week, so after resting for a bit at home (and having a filling lunch!) I did this run on the treadmill. It was SO much fun! I love classes with Adrian and this playlist was so, so good.


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