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Hi everyone! Happy Thursday to you all.  For today's post, I thought I would do a second edition of the "Currently" survey.  The last one I did was right after I started blogging (wow..seems so long ago now) so I thought I was due for another one!  I hope you enjoy and be sure to answer some of the questions below!

Current Book
The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriatry

I like this book, but it took a while for all the different story lines to make sense and fall into place.  Now that I've found out "the husband's secret" it's a lot more interesting!  I can't wait to see how it'll end.

Current Music
Ludovico Einaudi.  If you like classical music as much as I do (or even if you don't, and just want some beautiful and relaxing music) you will love Einaudi!  He plays the most beautiful piano music I've ever heard, and I recommend nuvole bianche.  Amazing.

Current Guilty Pleasure

Lululemon! Granted, I haven't bought anything new since my shopping spree a bit ago, but I'm obsessed with checking out their new releases and putting together a wish list! I see why everyone is obsessed and really like the pieces I got, but it's definitely a splurge that I can't always justify!

Current Drink
Dunkin Donuts Rocky Road iced coffee.  It's been a rough day/week at work, so a little splurge was necessary.

Current Food
I'll just share my lunch, because it was amazing!  I went to Bluebird Kitchen near Market Square.  If you've never heard of this place, I highly recommend it!  A friend suggested it to me for lunch on Monday, and I loved it so much that I've gone every day this week.  They sell sandwiches and salads, along with a changing selection of soup and sides.  Their baked goods also looked INCREDIBLE!  Today I got tom ka gai soup with a pasta salad, and both were amazing and really fresh!

Current Favorite Show
The Bachelorette!  The new season just started this week, and I'm loving it already.  My early favorites are Shawn (duh) and Ian.  Both of them are handsome and seem sweet, plus Ian's story is really inspirational and hits close to home since he's a runner.  Brady also seems like a really great guy and I hope they follow his and Britt's story!

Current Needs get used to the warmer weather.  I've been struggling through all my runs lately, and I'm hoping I'll finally be able to feel like my normal self soon.  Amanda told me that it takes about 6 runs to be acclimated, and I've got to be close to that number!

Current Outfit

Super casual today : white tee, black skinnies, necklace (from my current LeTote!), nude flats, pleather jacket

Current Excitement
Upcoming trip to Philly and NYC!  If you have any suggestions on things to do in either city please let me know!

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  1. I really enjoyed The Husband's Secret as well! But it definitely took a bit for it to start making sense with all the different story lines. And ugh... isn't Lulu horrible with their prices? I justify it by saying that their clothes last forever, but still!

    1. That's good to hear that you liked it as well! And I agree about's great quality just over priced. I'll stick to a few new items a year for now!

  2. I just bought the husbands secret, I'm hoping to find some time to read it this weekend! I'm obsessed with lulu also. I only have a few items, but I dream about more daily.

    1. Same here!! Everything is so cute! Hope you enjoy the book :)

  3. I've been ALL about the Rocky Road Iced Coffees lately, too! I just had one this morning. And love your outfit!

  4. Love that outfit! The neutral shoes are adorable. I have Husband's Secret as my next must read. Glad to hear you're liking it! Restaurant suggestions in Philly - El Vez (fun atmosphere! Great Mexican food and great Margs!), Parc (little fancier, little pricier, but DELISH brunch spot - right by Rittenhouse Square so good shopping too and pretty park!), Talula's Garden (great, healthy, organic food - adorable patio to sit outside on), and my personal favorite since I lived right there is Sabrina's Cafe - AH MAZE ING pancakes. Always a huge wait on weekends, but totally worth it! Enjoy!!

    1. Thank you so much for all the suggestions! I'll definitely look all those places up :)

  5. Love the outfit! I get most of my Lulu discounted. I put together a wish list then mark which ones I have to have and which ones I want to chance finding on markdown. If you follow the Lulu blogs & read the reviews, you'll also get a sense of the popular items that will sell out more quickly. For example, I love the What the Sport Singlet, but it's not a popular style, so I'm betting I can get more on mark down. The We Made Too Much section of the website is updated every Thursday at Noon, but goodies sell quickly, so you have to act fast.


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