Wednesday Reviews : Pop Sugar Must Have Box {May}

Hi everyone!  Today's review will be my second PopSugar Must Have Box (referral code).  I was excited to see this month's box because the theme was all around summer and fresh products.  Keep reading to see what was included in this month's box! (if you missed April's box, check it out here!)

Sisters of Los Angeles Surf Sand Love Beach Towel - Value $40
It's a very nice beach towel- nice and thick and soft.   I don't go to the beach or pool very often, but I can always use a new towel!  The yellow stripes are really cute and summery, and the huge "SURF SAND LOVE" print is also fun.

Middle Kingdom Mini Plum Vase - Value $20
Love this little vase!  I have a few large vases, but this one is the perfect size for just a few flowers.  I already used it with some flowers that my mom bought for me:
 Isn't it adorable??

Sage & Row Bare Shave Cream - Value $17
This is weird for me to use.  I'm used to using a shave gel or cream that foams up a lot, and this is more like a lotion.  The cream hasn't irritated my skin at all or caused razor burn, but it's not special enough to justify spending $17!
Batiste  Dry Shampoo - Value $4
I've mentioned it before, but Batiste is the best dry shampoo.  I already had this mini, and bring it to the gym with me to freshen up my hair.  I wish that Popsugar splurged with a full-size can (this is a mini), but it is more handy to have this tiny can that to just throw in my bag, so no complaints here!

 Kitsch Tri'd & True Y-Shaped Necklace - Value $32
The necklace is really beautiful and delicate, but not exactly my style.  I'm still trying to find the perfect shirt to wear with it (everything I've tried doesn't have the right neckline).  I may get some use out of it, but it's not something I would have bought myself.  

Hammond's Candies McCraw's Flat Taffy - Value $1
This taffy was extremely sweet and attached itself to my teeth immediately!  I only tried a small piece and didn't want any more, so I gave it away to Dan.  Even though the description says it's made without artificial flavors, it tasted extremely fake and I wasn't a fan at all!

Total Value - $114
Overall, this box was a mix of hits and misses. I love the vase and dry shampoo.  I'll get use out of the towel and shave cream, but wasn't too excited about them.  The necklace and taffy were complete misses, but Dan finished the taffy and I'll probably wear the necklace a few times.  The theme of the box definitely gets me in the mood for warmer wather, and I love the surprise of getting a monthly PopSugar box!  

I originally only ordered a 3 month subscription to PopSugar, and this was my second box.  I'm not sure if I want to keep getting boxes, or try out a new service.  Does anyone have any suggestions of subscription boxes to try out?  If you're interested in trying out PopSugar, I would appreciate if you used my referral code!


  1. I still want to get this subscription. Seems so much fun to get random things in the mail!

    1. It is a lot of fun! I hope you'll try it out :)

  2. I always get suckered into subscription services... StitchFix, BirchBox, etc. but haven't had the best luck with them. Which is your favorite?

    1. Definitely Pop Sugar! I've tried lots of others, and they all disappointed me after a while and I never really used the products. Even if a must have box isn't that exciting, I get my money's worth each month. I still use lots of products that I've gotten in past boxes on an every-day basis! I also love the wide variety of products we get!


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