Half Marathon Training : Week 10 Recap

Monday : 5 miles / 48:47 / 9:46 pace
Early morning run.  I was seriously dragging the first mile and felt horrible (10:31) but steadily picked up the pace and felt great by the end of the run.  My last mile was my fastest at 9:03, and oddly enough felt so much easier than the first mile.  I tried to keep it nice and easy for this run, and I was so happy to see a beautiful sunrise:

Tuesday : 30 minute yoga video
I've been loving the video I mentioned last week.  The stretches feel SO good! I usually do Group Centergy on Tuesdays, but today I needed more stretches.

Wednesday : 5.4 miles / 45:00 / 8:20 pace
Today was a tempo run, and it felt AMAZING!! After struggling with humidity and heat, it felt great to have a cool day.  My paces were : 10 minute warmup @ 9:45, 20 minute @ 8:10 average (first 10 minutes were a little slower, then I picked it up), 15 minute cooldown @ 8:45.  My legs felt amazing, and I felt like I could keep running forever!

Thursday : 3 miles / 26:40 / 8:43 pace
Ran without my Garmin at an easy pace, and I ended up running a lot faster than I expected.  Loving this cool weather!

Group Power
Tough workout today!  I moved up in weight for the exercises and it was HARD.  Towards the end I could feel my body vibrating.  Love that feeling!

Friday : 1 hour spin class
Great class today.  I took it a bit easy because my legs were still sore from Group Power, but the sprints felt amazing.  Hill work- not so much!

Saturday : 4 hours demolition
Dan and I helped out my parents with demo-ing their living room!  It was a lot of work tearing down all their walls and fireplace, so I think this counts as my workout of the day.  I was beat!

Sunday  : 10 miles / 1:37:00 / 9:43 pace
I felt surprisingly good on this run! My legs and arms were a bit sore from working yesterday, but my pace was excellent (started out with Dan around 10:00 pace and kept picking it up to around 8:30 pace at mile 7). I have to come up a big hill for the last 2 miles which hurt and slowed me down, but I was proud for making it through!

Overall, this week was one of my best! My legs felt fantastic and the cooler weather was definitely a  big help. My long run was my only "warm run" this week (70s and sunny) so I'm feeling much more confident. Only a few more weeks to go and its race time!

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  1. Wow, you really nailed it this week! You really kicked butt on that 10-mile progression run. And yes, the cool temps were so nice! That is serious demo work. It definitely counts as a workout!

    1. Thanks Jennifer!! I felt great this week..hope it continues :)


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